TYLER, Texas, June 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Air Rover, Inc., manufacturer of precision engineered environmental control systems, has launched a line of air cleaning modules in the duct, the company announced on Wednesday. The hospital grade UV-C lighting, HEPA filtering, and airflow enhancement technologies are offered by independent commercial HVAC contractors.

Designed for retrofitting existing HVAC systems and new building projects, the modules can be used in combination or individually, depending on customer requirements and building configuration.

Commercially available air filter and air cleaning systems

“We know that small businesses, schools, medical offices and building owners are struggling to cope with the financial burden of containing the coronavirus in their workplaces, and we are focused on helping by providing an affordable, modular indoor air quality solution. ” Sharla McMichael, Director, Air Rover, Inc, said on Wednesday. “We also know that many independent HVAC contractors are small businesses themselves. With our combinable APS Inline Modules, these contractors add a high quality air cleaning option to their product and service lines that will help them install only what you need. Grow their business while solving customers’ new indoor air problems. “

The technologies in the APS Inline modules are certified, UL listed and comply with the CDC, OSHA and ASHRAE guidelines for commercial buildings including medical environments. To provide enough filtered air to meet ASHRAE recommendations based on square footage and occupancy, the Air Rover Inline’s airflow module is available in two nominal capacity ranges: 2000 cubic feet of airflow per minute (CFM) and 800 CFM.

“Even if the underlying components are of the highest quality and hospital-tested, APS inline installations will be cost-effective as only the optimal number and type of modules are used to achieve clean air safety zones or clean air throughout the building.” David Ferguson, Air Rover’s Application Sales Manager, said. “Customers will appreciate Air Rover’s ‘kill and capture’ approach to removing virus and bacterial particles from the air, as opposed to other technologies that leave living virus debris on surfaces and floors until they are swept or vacuumed.” said Ferguson.

The new permanent in-duct offerings add to Air Rover’s efforts to help businesses and organizations deliver safe and clean air to their facilities. In 2020, Air Rover introduced the APS2000 and APS1000 portable air defense systems, which cannot be installed to reduce the spread of airborne virus molecules and other air pollutants in commercial work areas.

The APS inline modules are currently available. To find out more, visit airrover.com/products/air-protection-system/permanent-in-duct-systems.

About Air Rover, Inc.
Air Rover, Inc. invented portable commercial air conditioning in 1986 when central HVAC systems couldn’t cope with the emerging heat-generating and heat-sensitive computer rooms. Today, Air Rover designs and manufactures highly reliable, portable air, water and ambient air conditioning systems for the aerospace, defense, IT and electronics, satellite communications and other industries. In response to the 2020 global pandemic, Air Rover has launched a range of air protection systems to bring hospital isolation room quality purified air into commercial work areas. Headquarters in Tyler, Texas, Air Rover, a women-run small business (WOSB), is committed to solving the toughest environmental problems on earth and beyond. More information is available at www.airrover.com. Media contact: Sharla McMichael, [email protected], (318) 464-2942.

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