Quantity appraiser / contract manager

POST: Quantity checker / contract manager

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Managing Director – Lar Projects

LOCATION: Dunfermline

COMPENSATION: £ 36,630 to £ 44,400 pa, depending on experience and qualifications, consisting of £ 33,000 to 40,000 salary and £ 3,850 to £ 4,400 (11%) non-contributory pension contribution to the occupational scheme.

HOURS: 35 hours per week

1. Background

LAR is looking for a volume surveyor or other suitably experienced person to work as part of the Lar Projects team to help carry out multiple construction projects where LAR is both developer and prime contractor. The role can include elements of contract management, commercial management and project management.

The LAR Group includes the Lar Housing Trust – a charity established to buy / build homes across Scotland for long-term rent at mid-range rents, Lar Projects Limited – responsible for the acquisition of land, obtaining permits and building Housing units for LAR and others, and Lar Property Management Community Interest Company – responsible for renting, managing and maintaining the LAR units.

LAR started its acquisition program in October 2015 and has lived in over 660 homes in Ayr, Aberdeen, Blairgowrie, East Lothian, Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow and Midlothian and will be renting out homes over the next two years.

This role includes working closely with the Lar Projects team and external consultants to secure and provide subcontracting services for the construction phase. The design information is used before the design to create parts lists and compile work packages for the tender. This also includes identifying suitable subcontractors, tendering the work packages, agreeing contracts and programs, and working with the site manager and site manager to provide all the necessary services for the construction phase of each development. The role requires close collaboration with the broader project team to successfully meet Lars’ prime contractor duties and deliver construction projects on time and on budget.

Lar has a total of 15 employees and the volume appraiser / contract manager will join the Lar Project team, which currently consists of the managing director, the project manager, the development manager and the construction manager. The site management team is assembled when the projects move into construction.

The position is primarily based at LAR headquarters in Dunfermline with occasional trips to LAR construction sites and subcontractor offices. A driver’s license and access to a car for work are required. The main working hours for this role are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2nd role

Being accountable to the managing director of LAR Projects to ensure the successful transition of construction projects from pre-construction to construction, and managing subcontracting during construction to ensure successful delivery of projects on time and on budget:

  • Assisting with the cost planning of Lars construction projects in the concept and design stages to inform the design process and specifications and to ensure that the necessary information is in place as the projects move towards construction.
  • Analysis of the requirements of the project to identify the commercial risks and opportunities and perform value engineering.
  • Preparation of subcontracting work packages, planning the delivery of the project and the program for the work.
  • Compilation of design and specification information in work packages for the tender, selection of suitable subcontractors, management of the tendering process, analysis of returned bids and cooperation with the project team, negotiation and appointment of subcontractors to carry out work.
  • Monitoring the performance of subcontractors during the construction phase, promoting and developing contract awareness and performance to ensure contracts are being met, and maintaining strict records, notifications and change control procedures.
  • Working with the site manager and site manager to ensure the successful delivery of the subcontracts, the coordination of the work and the overall successful completion of the projects.
  • Participation in construction site meetings, ensuring the coordination of subcontractor work packages and provision of main contractor services by Lar, as required for subcontractor work.
  • Assisting the site manager and site managers to ensure robust health and safety compliance and the provision of the highest health and safety standards at Lar’s sites.
  • Reviewing the performance of subcontractors during the work to build a network of trusted subcontractors for future work.
  • Working closely with the project team, assisting in expanding the resources and capabilities of Lar Projects to provide an increasing number of locations as the main contractor.
  • All other activities related to the above as discussed with the General Manager of Lar Projects.

3. Personal specification

The candidate will be a motivated person who:

  • Has relevant and current experience in construction, especially in apartment and house construction, both in new construction and in renovation;
  • Has relevant experience in putting together work packages, drawing up specifications and managing the procurement process for subcontractors;
  • Has a strong track record of achieving results and achieving commercial goals;
  • Has good interpersonal skills, a track record of human resource and subcontracting management;
  • Has experience and / or relevant qualifications in quantity take-off, contract management and / or related disciplines.

4. Competencies

The candidate is expected to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Delivery focus
  • professionalism
  • Teamwork

5. Applications

An up-to-date résumé (including 2 references) should be sent to info@larhousingtrust.co.uk together with a personal statement by June 25th, 12 noon.

For more information or to discuss the role further, please contact info@larhousingtrust.co.uk.

The interviews are expected to take place 2 weeks after the application deadline.