Building a petrol station to supply green fuel to trucks traveling through south west England is an important part of a UK network aimed at reducing emissions from transport.

The Avonmouth station is slated to be completed by the end of this year and will deliver biomethane, a green gas made from waste, according to CNG Fuels Ltd. The plant that the company says will As the largest of its kind, 80 heavy-duty vehicles can be refueled per hour with 14 high-speed pumps.

CNG Fuels expects to open another 14 stations by the end of 2022. There are already six more in the UK

The vast majority of heavy-duty vehicles run on diesel and are more difficult to electrify than passenger cars due to the weight of their load. That makes green gas an attractive option. Trucks or heavy duty vehicles account for 4% of the UK’s carbon emissions and using biomethane would reduce pollution by up to 90%, according to CNG Fuels. It’s also up to 40% cheaper than diesel.

Biomethane is currently a small industry, but according to the International Energy Agency, it can be expanded, especially if the existing infrastructure can do so.

“We saw the demand from our customers for more environmentally friendly logistics and the need to demonstrate a clear sustainability strategy to reduce their supply chain and transport emissions,” said Andy Newnes, commercial director of Romac Logistics Ltd., who will use the stations.

This “network of fueling infrastructure across the country gives the fleets the confidence to switch to biomethane,” he added.

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