The fast-track delivery of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge is imminent and hundreds of local workers will begin assembling the longest inner-city active travel bridge in any Australian capital.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said local residents would soon see the establishment of workplaces in the CBD and Kangaroo Point, with the arrival of barges and the start of seafill in early 2022.

“This bridge will be a major engineering and construction achievement for our city and incorporate innovative techniques never before used in Brisbane,” said Cr Schrinner.

“The construction of this green bridge will incorporate the best and most advanced construction techniques to ensure river access is maintained while 33 piles are installed and the 182 meter bridge span is connected.

Rendering of the construction of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

“With its mast 95 meters above the Brisbane River, the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will be the highest bridge in Brisbane across the river.

“This bridge is about providing better and safer active travel connections, but it will also be a fantastic landmark for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“The combination of its distinctive design, the boutique bar and restaurant and the critical connection from the heart of the CBD to the main Olympic stadium won’t compare it to anything else in the world.

“I have no doubt that it will quickly become one of the most photographed structures in Brisbane.”

Transportation cabinet chairman Ryan Murphy said the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge would transform the city

“The Schrinner Council said we would speed up this green bridge, and the fact that we are about to start work is another milestone that has been reached,” said Cr Murphy.

Rendering of the construction of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

“The blueprint and animation will let residents know exactly how this bridge is being built and what to expect.

“The innovative design approach will use three large deck lifts to install the main spans for safe access to the river.

“This bridge is being built on site by a team of more than 300 contractors and more than 90 percent of supplies are sourced from companies in southeast Queensland.

“We have come a long way in the little more than two years since the Lord Mayor first announced the Green Bridges program and are now preparing to build this groundbreaking bridge.”

The completion of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge is expected for the end of 2023.


  • Number of piles = 33
  • Number of land piers = 2
  • Number of Seepiers = 5
  • 8 clamping
  • Main span = 182.7 meters
  • The mast height is 83 m above deck, making it the highest bridge in Brisbane with 95 m above the Brisbane River
  • Number of tensioned cables = 32
  • Total length of the bridge = 458 meters