Construction has started in Lloseta, Spain, where a new green hydrogen production facility will be installed, which will produce 300 tons of green hydrogen annually.

The system is being built by the Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca consortium (P2GH2M) and will introduce hydrogen to Mallorca with the construction of the first of its two photovoltaic systems.

This marks the start of construction of Spain’s first green hydrogen plant on the site of the CEMEX factory.

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With an area of ​​more than 6 hectares and 16,660 solar modules to be built, the facility will have a capacity of 8.59 MWp and an annual production of 13,516 MWh.

The other plant in Petra will enter the construction phase shortly and will have an area of ​​10 hectares with 12,270 solar modules to be installed.

This will generate 6.5 MWp and have an annual production of 10,819 MWh per year.

A construction period of 6 months is expected for each photovoltaic system, whereby the participation of local companies is also envisaged.

A number of service contracts have already been concluded for the implementation of the topography, the execution of the lines to feed the energy from the systems into the network and construction work.

In addition, the clearing and management of trees, the installation of irrigation systems and the delivery of construction machinery were agreed.

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