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Impact on the construction of the Campus Center – June 2021

May 24, 2021

• Atlanta, GA

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Image of the impact of the construction on the campus for the month of May 2021

Update on the construction of the Campus Center for the month of June 2021: We have good news to report that our footprint is gradually decreasing and we hope that all of us are less inconvenient for you as detours around the site should be as good as eliminated . The north end of the project site will be officially returned to Georgia Tech in June.

Arts Plaza and Landscaping Connection to Tech Green:

* Sidewalk and stairs from Ferst Center Arts Plaza to the Einstein statue are ready. The fence is being modified to provide a fully pedestrian path from the Ferst Center to the Tech Green – expected by June 4th.

Phase II building construction:

* Construction fences are installed around the perimeter of the site. Signpost is installed. Please note the attached logistics plan.

* Exterior and interior construction work is being carried out in both the Wenn building and the new Stamps Commons