Cannaponics’ Collie Hashish Facility Development Kicks Off


The government of Western Australia has announced that work has begun on a medicinal cannabis facility near Collie that will supply contracts for local trade.

The town of Collie, about 200 kilometers south of Perth, has been the most important coal mining town in Western Australia since the late 19th century. But the writing is on the wall for steam coal in Australia and the future of the collie is uncertain.

The West Australian government has pumped money into the city so it can reinvent itself – and one of the new industries that will help it will be medical cannabis.

In February of this year, we reported on Cannaponics’ plans to build a cannabis research, cultivation, extraction and production facility near the city. The development will be built on Cannaponics’ 160 hectare property and will have a 3,600 m² greenhouse and a 2,000 m² manufacturing facility.

This project is supported with $ 2 million from the McGowan government’s Collie Futures Industry Development Fund and work has now begun.

The contract for the earthworks was awarded to Collie’s T&R Contracting, which works with Donnybrook Civil Earthmoving Contractors. The construction contract went to Perth-based Ballpoint Construction Group, but Cannaponics is promoting as many local jobs as possible.

“The medical cannabis industry is growing rapidly and Western Australia is well placed to compete in this industry,” said WA Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan. “The first phase of the Cannaponics project is expected to create 50 jobs during construction, and our focus on local content has ensured a local collie company wins the first contract.”

Another interesting aspect of this project, which also reflects the changing times in Collie (and around the world), is the goal of Cannaponics to Operation of the system with 100% renewable energy. The company aims to become the world’s first climate-neutral cultivation and manufacturing company for medical cannabis.

To do this, an advanced microgrid is used that uses solar energy, hydrogen electricity and water extraction technology, ”the company said.

In other recent cannabis news from Western Australia, a WA government-backed pilot has found that hemp is potentially good cattle feed for the summer.