China Suntien Inexperienced Vitality : OVERSEAS REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENT-Announcement on the Approval of Hebei Development & Funding Group Co., Ltd. for the Private Issuance of A Shares


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Xintian Green Energy Co., Ltd.

(a limited liability company registered in the People’s Republic of China)

(Stock Code: 00956)


This announcement is made by China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited (the “Companies“) under Rule 13.10B of the Rules for the Listing of Securities on the Hong Kong Limited Stock Exchange.

Attached is the notice of approval of Hebei Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd. published on the Shanghai Stock Exchange website. listed for non-public issue of China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited’s A shares for reference only.

On behalf of the board of

China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited

Mei Chun Xiao

Executive Director and President

Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, PRC, April 14, 2021

At the time of this announcement, the company’s non-executive directors are Dr. Cao Xin, Dr. Li Lian Ping, Mr. Qin Gang, and Mr. Wu Hui Jiang; The company’s executive directors are Mr. Mei Chun Xiao and Mr. Wang Hong Jun; and the company’s independent non-executive directors are Mr. Guo Ying Jun, Mr. Wan Yim Keung, Daniel and Dr. Lin Tao.

  • For identification purposes only

Order number: 600956

Stock abbreviation: China Suntien

Announcement No .: 2021-034

Green energy

Borrow code: 155956.SH

Abbreviation for bonds: G19 New Y1

Borrow code: 175805.SH

Bond abbreviation: G21 New Y1

China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited

Announcement of approval from Hebei

Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd. for the

Non-public issue of A-shares

The Board of Directors of the Company and all of its members warrant that this announcement will not contain false information, misleading statements or material omissions, and they accept jointly and severally responsibility for the accuracy, correctness and completeness of the information contained herein.

On March 5, 2021, China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited (the “Company”) convened the 21st interim session of the four Board of Directors’ meetings to review and approve the relevant resolutions on the private issue of A shares of the Company. For details, please refer to the relevant announcement published on March 6, 2021.

Recently, the company received “Response to the Approval for the Non-Public Issuance of A Shares by China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited” issued by Hebei Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hebei Construction & Investment”). ) (Ji Jian Tou Zi Ben Zi [2021] No. 2), and Hebei Construction & Investment has approved the company’s proposal to privately issue A shares under the “Measures for the Supervision and Management of State-Owned Shares in Listed Companies” (Regulation No. 36 of SASAC), MOF and CSRC ) and other relevant provisions.

The non-public issue of A Shares continues to be subject to review and approval by the Company’s Annual General Meeting, A Class Meeting, and H Class Meeting and approval by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The company will comply with its information disclosure requirements in a timely manner in accordance with the actual progress of the matter and in accordance with applicable requirements.

An announcement is hereby made.

The Board of Directors of

China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited

April 14, 2021

Disclaimer of liability

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