The Colombian motorway authority Invías has awarded two contracts worth a total of 808 billion pesos (217 million US dollars) for the construction of 19 km of access roads and the associated infrastructure for the Toyo tunnel in the department of Antioquia.

The first order, module 1, was awarded to Construcciones El Cóndor for 418 billion pesos, while the second, module 2, was awarded by the consortium Vias Colombia 061 (Hidalgo and Hidalgo Colombia-Hidalgo and Hidalgo Sucursal Colombia) with an offer of 390 billion pesos. Pesos was won. Invías stated in a press release.

In the case of module 1, a 10 km long access road will be built that will connect the tunnel with the motorway concession of March 1st and build four additional tunnels, as the documents from Invías show.

In module 2, an additional 9 km of access roads as well as six tunnels and 13 bridges will be built.

Work on these two modules is expected to begin between May and June.

The total investment for the Toyo Tunnel project is 1.4 billion pesos, including the 10 km main tunnel, access roads and other tunnels and bridges required in the region.

As of February, work on the main tunnel was 47% complete and it was expected to open next year, reported Juan Tablpo López, Infrastructure Secretary of the Antioquia department, from the daily El Tiempo.

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