Construction on the new parliament building began on Thursday as workers started excavation work, officials said.

The new building is being built by Tata Projects Ltd and costs an estimated 971 rupees. Construction is expected to be completed by 2022, just in time for the 75th Independence Day.

Earlier this week, a 14-person heritage committee approved the new parliament building and at the same time gave the go-ahead for the Central Vista renovation project. The Supreme Court had asked the center to obtain prior approval from the panel and other relevant authorities before construction of the new building began.

A senior official from Tata Projects said they will complete the project on time despite the delay in launch. “There is already an action plan in place to speed up the schedule by increasing resources such as skilled workers and formwork, etc. The reinforcement required for the raft and walls is ready. Other off-site activities such as sourcing stone for exterior cladding, MEP LLEs, carpets, etc. took place over these 35 days. We are more than confident that we can deliver this building to the nation on time or ahead of schedule, ”said Sandeep Navlakhe, Vice President and Business Unit Head of Tata Projects Ltd.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the new parliament on December 10th, saying that the new building will fulfill the aspirations of the country in the 21st century while symbolizing the “coexistence of the new and the old”. “The (existing) building now wants to retire. It is our job to give India a new parliament building in the 21st century, ”he said.

The new parliament building will house larger Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha halls with a capacity of 888 seats and 384 seats for an expanded parliament. The Lok Sabha Hall will also have a capacity of up to 1,272 seats for joint meetings.

According to the design plan, the architecture of the new parliament is intended to complement or harmonize with that of the current parliament and other buildings in Central Vista.