A civil engineering company got off to a good start in 2021, with development orders worth £ 125 million and a new team appointment.

Howard Ward Associates (HWA), based in Nottinghamshire, provides civil engineering advisory services nationwide in sectors such as education, health care, emergency services and housing.

Founded in 1977, the company has worked on high profile local and national programs and has continued to develop and expand its team to continue serving its customers.

One of the company’s most recent projects is The Oaks, Coventry – a major, gradual development of student accommodation near the University of Warwick.

HWA provided civil engineering and building construction services from the feasibility and planning phase to the construction phase, which is currently on site.

HWA also recently completed work on a groundbreaking renewable energy project in Lancashire that installed photovoltaic solar panels in 250 social housing – the result of a three-year initiative to revolutionize the use of renewable energy by the sector.

Closer to home, the company gave free donation to the charity Lowdham Railway Heritage in relocating an original signal box to a new location, which meant lifting the historic structure above the lines.

Giles Ward, Managing Director at HWA said, “Given the challenges we have faced over the past year, we pride ourselves on the resilience, flexibility and motivation of our team – it has enabled us to continue working with new customers – and to remain efficient and offer flexible service.

“We have worked on many unique and groundbreaking projects over the past year that have supported our local communities in the East Midlands and beyond, and we look forward to delivering the exciting pipeline of work we are in in 2021 . ”

After a busy 2020 and strong work pipeline this year, the company was able to invest in the next generation of its team.

The civil engineer Jack Thompson just joined Nottingham Trent University after graduating as a civil engineer, where he is continuing his studies with a master’s degree in civil engineering.

As a student member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institution of Structural Engineers, Jack will support the high-ranking HWA team by creating drafts, drawings and calculations for projects and developing solutions for complex technical challenges.

He will also visit construction sites for inspection and advise and advise contractors and suppliers to ensure the smooth delivery of the plans.

He said: “I am incredibly excited to start my new position at HWA and have the opportunity to advance my career in a company that is recognized and very experienced in the industry.

“Thanks to a recommendation from a senior engineer at HWA, I knew that I wanted to join the team here. I was able to work in the company three weeks before Christmas, get to know everyone and get a good feeling for the company.

“The team has been very supportive of my studies and I will have the opportunity to work on a mix of great projects, use different types of design and meet people from all industries.”

Mr. Ward said, “It is a pleasure to welcome Jack to the team as we enter a new year that will be a busy and positive one for the company. Jack brings a great attitude to his role, a wealth of skills and a willingness to learn.

“He has already settled in well with the team.”