A new multi-million pound primary school in Perth has been approved by the local council.

The councilors of the Planning and Development Management Committee approved an application for replacement of a replacement for aging schools in North Muirton and Balhousie.

The two story building will cost £ 16.5 million and work is expected to start later this year. It will be built on the site of the existing North Muirton Primary at Uist Place.

The larger primary school will encompass the catchment area of ​​the Balhousie primary school.

The work should be completed by the beginning of 2023 when both schools move into the new building.

The existing schools will remain in operation until then.

The existing school in North Muirton will then be demolished so that the playing field and green area element can be completed.

To make room for the construction, the kindergarten in North Muirton will be decanted to Balhousie at the beginning of the summer holidays so that the independent kindergarten building can be demolished during the break.

What will the new school look like?

The proposed design and layout of the new school was detailed in a report presented to the committee by the Head of Planning and Development.

The report read: “The proposed building will be two-story with one-story elements and is located south of the site.

“The area for kindergarten and support needs, both with their own outdoor area, is at the front of the school.

“The secondary school will extend north, with the classrooms in a two-story area. There is a hall at the back. “

The artist’s impression shows where the new school is to be built.

The report also highlighted the outdoors in the design of the new school, where a performance space and an outdoor classroom will be included in the finished product.

It was added: “Outside there are classrooms, a large playground, an outdoor classroom and a performance room.

“There’s also a playing field, a hard surface, and an activity trail.

“The proposed surface materials are polished masonry, standing seam metal roof and wall panels, and aluminum windows and doors.”

What about traffic jams?

The committee meeting raised questions about the potential for travel congestion given the number of students allowed to attend school.

Capacity for the existing North Muirton and Balhousie is 290 and 224 respectively.

However, when interviewed by Councilor Tom Gray, Education and Childcare Representative, Brian Reid reassured the committee that there will be plenty of hiking trails available in the area.

He said, “There are different routes, but it will depend on it [if they can walk to school] as the children will come from different homes in the area.

“I will say that there are many safe ways to get to school. It is something that was considered as part of the consultation process. “

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The planning report stipulated that the school would have space for 96 bicycles and 30 scooters.

It was also pointed out that the existing pedestrian gates on the north and east edges of the school should be preserved and remain open “to allow direct pedestrian access for students living in the north of the campus”.

Additional parking spaces are included in the plan and staff parking will be increased from 32 to 61.

Another 10 spaces in front of the school (in addition to the staff parking lot in the north) are reserved for use by staff.

There are also five visitor parking spaces, including four accessible parking spaces, south of the school.

It will be going exceptionally well. “

Councilor Roz McCall

Confirmation of approval of the application, city council Roz McCall hailed the project as an “excellent educational institution” that would serve the local community well.

She said, “It’s a fantastic design and I think it’s going to work exceptionally well.

“It’s a big step forward and yes there will be a bit of a glitch, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

“We’ll have a fantastic school in the end.”

Ruthvenfield Elementary School

Approval of the replacement for North Muirton and Balhousie comes in the form of a consultation on another new elementary school in the Perth and Kinross area, which opened this week.

The council’s lifelong learning committee had previously approved a new elementary school in Bertha Park adjacent to Bertha Park High School.

Parents and families are now being asked to give their opinion on the catchment area that needs to be created.

Controversially, the catchment area review will also consider the future of Ruthvenfield Primary School – which could be closed as a result.

Families are invited to complete a questionnaire on the consultation website by May 16.

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