With the smaller construction sites in Pune closed due to restrictions related to Covid-19, day laborers looking for work at majur addas in the city are finding it difficult to survive. At the same time, large construction sites are operating non-stop as the government has allowed in-situ construction sites to function.

The transfer offices in Hadapsar, Warje and Bhosari continue to employ more than 200 people a day.

“The government has given permission to continue work in large sites, but there is a lot of small work being done in the city, such as building work. B. building gardens in housing associations or building a composite wall, and how should we arrange housing for the workers for such small jobs? There should have been some relaxation for the day laborers so that everyone could benefit, ”said Jagan Ram, a contractor who provides daily jobs for workers in Hadapsar.

Around 1.5 lakh plus workers are busy with construction work in and around Pune. However, the exact data on this number is not available. Credai Pune Metro is currently collecting data from all workers over the age of 45 for the purpose of free vaccination in accordance with state standards.

Ranjit Naiknavare, Vice President of Credai Pune Metro, said: “It is difficult to give an exact number of substructures. Most of the Pune outskirts projects, including PMRDA and Extended Limits, are large-scale developments, and most of them have in-situ labor camps. Even the locations within the city limits have labor camp facilities. Most construction sites are up and running, and developers, especially the Credai members, are trying their best to take good care of the construction workers by providing full wages, residencies, food, medical and sanitary facilities, and isolation rooms wherever possible. ”

According to Credai, most of the construction sites under construction are partially functioning at this point in time.

The order also has an impact on residents of many places as they are not allowed to call workers for renovation work.

“I have to change the carpet in my house. If there had been some relaxation for such work, my members of society would have allowed renovation work on my home, ”said Rohan Patil, Sunita Parks, Kothrud.

The situation is dire for some workers as they do not even have the money to return home.

“I deserve £500 per day. I haven’t earned anything in the past three days. Even if I plan to visit my hometown in Gaya, Bihar, I don’t have the money to get a train ticket. What work I’ll be doing there is another problem. We are ready to have a Covid test, but we should be allowed to work, ”said Vikal Shinde, who works as a worker at Hadapsar.

Sanjay Hiwrale, who works as a worker at Yerawada, said, “I’ve been working on construction sites for seven years. Today I worked with six other workers in Vishrantwadi and we were sent back by the police because we have no accommodation on the premises. Even our site manager had no choice but to stop work. If I am out of work for 15 days, it becomes difficult to pay rent and utility bills. ”

Anita Lashkare, a day laborer, said, “The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) does nothing for day laborers. According to the state government’s GR of 2018, a person who has worked more than 90 days a year should be registered with the Board of Construction Workers (BCOW), but PMC has not yet issued us such certificates. ”

The state government has announced a transfer of £1,500 to construction workers registered with BOCW.

“While BOCW’s social rules partially compensate for this and provide a basic social safety net for these workers, PMC’s inaction hinders the process that condemns these workers to misery,” said B Youvraj, social activist at New Socialist Alternative.