To fill the solution gap of structural and architectural deficits, Edificio, a construction company, has developed innovative strategies to provide infrastructure development, manpower and related services in the real estate sector in Nigeria and beyond.

The company identified poor housing concepts, architectural plans and the lack of skilled contractors as the bane of the sector; but said it was on a mission to create great masterpieces and flawless designs that will change narrative in the industry.

The firm added that despite the unfriendly factors of slow land registry processes and real estate treason, Edifcio takes pride in building relationships based on transparent business and investment.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr Osezino Ogweni, spoke about the company’s willingness to take on large construction projects across Africa and said Edificio is on a mission to address the ongoing deficit in infrastructure, particularly housing.

He said: “ A large part of the population has no home. According to our research, there is currently a gap in the real estate industry and there is currently no one to bridge the gap; especially when it comes to housing deficits. “

However, he noted that bridging the great gap could not be left to the government alone, adding that “a concerted effort from both the public and private sectors is required. Our main goal is to solve the housing shortage problem in the real estate sector through best practices and first class construction services. “

Osezino added that the company’s recent formation will position Edificio as a change agent; as well as pacemaker in the construction and real estate industry, especially since the brand found its way into the industry as a niche real estate and road construction company.

Edificio, he said, has an extensive team of architects, surveyors, civil, civil and service engineers.

“Edificio will deliver a range of construction solutions that are included; Architectural and structural design, renovation, maintenance, etc. for the construction industry, ”he said.

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