Embracing Your Profession Dangers: Most Harmful Jobs in Building


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Regardless of the industry, there is a risk associated with every job. But risk doesn’t deter people from taking a job, especially if they’re passionate about it.

Fighting fires doesn’t distract people from becoming firefighters, and the potential for gunshot wounds doesn’t distract people from becoming cops. The same goes for the construction industry. And according to various reports, believe it or not, almost half of America’s most dangerous jobs are in the construction industry.

In the construction industry, workers are most at risk for the Fatal Four:

  • Falls
  • Getting hit by an object
  • Being trapped in or between an object
  • Electric shock

While the Fatal Four are deadly, they can also cause serious bodily harm if someone survives them. Falls are the number one cause of injuries and deaths, but even with this statistic, that hasn’t stopped people from getting into the construction industry. People are still learning all about the industry and taking the courses and exam preparation to get a license and certified.

Again, all jobs come with their own risks, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing your dreams. The simple act of respecting your career and the risks involved will earn you long career rewarding fields in some cases.

Whichever construction area you choose, it is imperative to make sure that you take every precaution to be safe. Check out some of the most dangerous jobs in construction.

Roofs are by far the most dangerous task in construction and falls related to falls from roofs or ladders are the leading cause of injury or death. The death rate is 47.4 per 100,000 workers and that number has increased in recent years because workers fail to adhere to safety measures and procedures. So when choosing a roofing business make sure that you are following all of the OSHA roofing safety procedures.

Electricians definitely have a job that requires special licenses and certifications due to the responsibility for working with electrical wiring. The Risk of Being an Electrician Is Electric Shock. As an electrician, your responsibilities include installing cables and lighting, fixing power outages, and checking cables in homes and buildings. In this area, PPE is an absolute must.

If you thought roofers were at high risk, imagine the risk steel and frame workers are exposed to. As a steel and frame worker, you will be working on scaffolding, which means you will be exposed to things like swinging steel bars and high-level work in the air. If you are afraid of heights this may not be the career choice for you as scaffolding is used for high-level work on buildings.

As a kid, you probably played with toy tractors and excavators to build your Lego building, but as a kid, you probably didn’t realize that operating these heavy machines is quite dangerous in real life.

When you work on these machines, you will be working on construction sites, digging holes, hauling dirt, stones, and other materials, etc. However, you are at a much higher risk of potential hit by object. Protective helmets and boots with steel caps are an essential part of PPE.

Just like any other industry has a fair share of risk, the construction industry has a fair share of risk. However, these risks shouldn’t stop you from pursuing a promising career in construction. As long as you follow the safety procedures established by OSHA, your success in the industry is unlimited.

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