The Great Neck Library placed construction contracts on Thursday for the renovation work in Station Branch. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)


The Great Neck Library Board of Trustees on Thursday approved spending on the first of two major store renovations.

Jobco Inc. was awarded a contract to renovate Station Branch for a maximum amount of $ 458,000.

Elizabeth Martin, Architect at MDA Design Group, attended the meeting to provide information and answer questions about the overall plans for the new design of the 6,500-square-foot facility.

Martin said she expected work to begin four to six weeks after the board vote, until library materials and furniture are removed from the building for temporary storage and building permission from the Great Neck Plaza village.

Pamala Marksheid, Deputy Mayor of Great Neck Plaza noted that many books were thrown away in the storage phase during the renovation of the main library.

“They thought things would be digital and that’s the way to go,” said Marksheid, expressing concern that this might happen again.

Martin replied that she had been instructed by the library to “make sure there was enough shelving for this renovation to accommodate the entire collection”.

Board President Weihua Yan added that the library directors and staff would like to add more shelves and space to expand the library collection.

In addition to the construction contract, the board approved resolutions to renew the lease for the construction, relocation and storage of library materials, the procurement and installation of furniture, and the shelves for the books.

“I see the lease as the linchpin of this project because if we couldn’t get good terms from the landlord, it would of course be unwise to spend the amount of money we’re going to spend,” said George Trepp, interim library director.

The lease has a term of 15 years. The first year of the lease is the base year, followed by a 1% increase in rent in years 2 through 6 and a 2% increase in years 7 through 15. In addition, the landlord Kabro Brothers will be a rental company for a period of five years Grant a rental loan of $ 175,000 to be used to fund the upgrade project.

WGB received moving and storage contracts for $ 51,850 and shelving for $ 48,963.

Furniture is sourced and installed by Inside Source for $ 101,768.

All costs will be charged to the library branch and the Special Services Fund.

Work is expected to start in May, Yan said. Martin estimated the project would take four to five months.

At the meeting there was a discussion on a topic that recently came to light, the renovation of the toilets and the problem of poor water pressure in the building.

The original plan was to renovate only one of the two toilets, Trepp said. However, after Trepp discovered that both toilets were in very poor condition, it is currently considering waving $ 32,000 from the contract until that part of the project is renegotiated.

In addition, engineers are being consulted to analyze the water pressure problem, Martin said. Marksheid added that problems with water seeping into the building should be the responsibility of the landlord.

The next regular board meeting was scheduled for April 20th.