Headstone Fredericton

Headstone Fredericton

The unpopular truth is you could regret what you buy if you do not take time out to think about what you want in a headstone. These pieces often hold so much meaning to our families and us that we want to get them right and pass on the right message to our children, future generations, and anyone who cares. The best time to choose the fitting headstone in Fredericton is before it is too late, before you cannot change it anymore. Make sure you understand your options by letting an expert explain what goes into customized gravestones in Fredericton.

What to consider when choosing a headstone


The headstone’s inscription usually has basic information like their name and dates of birth and passing on. Some people like to add nicknames and meaningful words like bible verses or their favorite sayings or poems. We can add anything you wish to make the message as loving and personable as possible. An example is adding a personalized epitome like ‘forever missed’ instead of the standard ‘RIP.’


You can add many different accessories to custom memorials in Fredericton Canada to give it a personal touch, such as a flower vase, pictures, solar-powered lights, or a flag. These extra pieces reflect the sentiments of the beloved, their spiritual beliefs, and other critical information about their life and death. We have several different kinds of accessories you can consider and multiple designs that will emphasize the person’s unique attributes and life.

Materials and finishing

Headstones usually have marble or granite because they are the most beautiful and are available in various colors. Granite is the most difficult to work with, which means it has limited designs and style scopes. Marble is the most sparkly and attractive but is easily vulnerable to dirt; hence it is not convenient if you cannot maintain the graveyard every other day.

You can settle on a mix of finishes like a smooth top highlighting the inscriptions and rustic sides for a natural and easily maintainable appeal. We are happy to discuss the variety of colors and finishes, so you can accurately choose how the complete granite pet memorials will look.

Type of headstone

The primary consideration for the headstone is the design, which can be anything from a flat one to a contemporary style where you can sit and relax when you visit. The following are standard headstone designs you can consider from the granite monument manufacturers:

  • Traditional – The traditional headstone usually has standard shapes like a rectangle, rounds, or squares. It also has elaborate accessories like vases, hearts, and books, including permanent pieces.
  • Diverse set – The traditional kerb set is an elaborate design that incorporates more designs and carvings. You can fill it with soil, chippings, or flower beds to make it as unique and different as you wish.

The tombstones in Fredericton are a significant emotional and probably financial investment that deserves the ultimate commitment and thought. Take time to learn about all our pieces and request a brochure for more details on all available headstones.

Headstone Fredericton

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