MISSISSIPPI – If you’ve been driving through northern Mississippi recently, you’ve noticed a lot of road and other construction work.

If you’ve been driving down Getwell Road in Southaven, you’ll have noticed the location of the new footbridge in Silo Square.

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Construction of the pedestrian bridge connecting Silo Square to Snowden Grove Park began in February. The cost is $ 1.9 million.

It will be completed in September.

The exit project McIngvale Road I-269 in Hernando started in summer 2019.

At a cost of $ 10 million, the project is expected to be completed in the fall. It also includes an additional 3.5 mile linear park on McIngvale for pedestrians and cyclists.

And if you’re traveling north or south on I-55 through Southaven and Horn Lake, you probably noticed the roadside construction in DeSoto Cove.

The ground there was broken about a year ago.

The construction site is a private construction site where we hear everything from a car parking space to a specific building.

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