Harrison Flagpoles of NEWTON Aycliffe got off to a good start to the year after signing a series of new deals worth £ 140,000.

Home builders including Redrow and Taylor Wimpey, as well as national signage companies serving the housing sector, have chosen to supply flags and flagpoles for developments across the UK.

All flagpoles of the Show Home are equipped with a robust swivel arm mechanism and are developed and manufactured according to the Euro standard and a thickness of 2.5 mm.

This ensures that they can withstand winds of up to 80 km / h when tagged and maintain their structural integrity in adverse weather conditions.

Harrison Flagpoles was founded in 1987 and is the only independent manufacturer of fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel flagpoles in the UK.

The company has been supplying the housing industry with more than 200,000 flags and flagpoles for more than 20 years and saw the industry boom early in 2021.

Sales and Marketing Director Anthony Leonard said, “The housing industry has continued to do well despite the pandemic thanks to the home allowance, the stamp duty holidays and the fact that the sector has remained open and operational throughout.

“Combined with our commitment to quality and safety, and the companies’ ability to provide the strongest flagpoles in the market, this has helped drive the significant order volumes we see across the industry.

“With the stamp duty extended until the end of June and the continued robust demand for new homes, we are looking forward to providing more home builders with the high-quality flags and flagpoles they need to market their developments.”

The news comes soon after Harrison Flagpoles announced an innovation for home builders that allows 3m aluminum flagpoles to be installed on standard shipping containers widely used on construction sites as shops and offices.

The new container flagpole system allows home builders to promote their websites to visitors and passers-by as soon as work begins and before the main website branding is installed.

Redrow was the first home builder to benefit from the innovation and is initially using the container flagpoles in a few locations in the southern and eastern regions for both branding and route finding.

Operating nationally and internationally from its Newton Aycliffe headquarters and manufacturing facility, Harrison Flagpoles serves the home construction, construction, automotive, retail, hospitality, leisure and public sectors.