HURON – Huron Regional Medical Center invites the public to start construction on the expansion and remodeling projects of the HRMC Physicians Clinic on Monday, June 14th at 9:00 a.m.
The event marks the official start of a $ 9.3 million construction project that will convert the hospital’s multi-specialty clinic, just south of the main campus, from a one-story building to a two-story clinic with space for an additional 10 doctors.

“This vertical expansion of our clinic creates space for the admission of three new doctors who will join in the next five months, as well as employees and patients of the Tschetter & Hohm Clinic,” said Erick Larson, President and CEO of Huron Regional Medical Center.

In July of this year, HRMC took over the operation of the Tschetter & Hohm Clinic, which has been the health home for thousands of families in the region since it was founded after the Second World War.

“My family has been looking after patients in the same practice since Christmas 1949,” says Dr. Robert Hohm, internist at the Tschetter & Hohm Clinic. “As the partners of the clinic are retiring, I wanted to transfer the clinic in an orderly manner before the transition became an emergency situation.”

During the construction phase, the employees of the Tschetter & Hohm Clinic and the doctors will remain at their previous location until the clinic expansion project is completed in the coming summer, says Larson.

The second part of the project, which also starts on Monday, includes the renovation of parts of the southeastern part of the main hospital built in 1983.

The imaging department rebuild, bringing the total cost of the project to $ 14.9 million, will enable the addition of new state-of-the-art MRI and 3D mammograms.