Work on many Wellington City Council building projects was put on hold when New Zealand was locked down last month.

On Wednesday, the first day of the COVID level 3 alert, work resumed across the city under health and hygiene protocols designed to ensure the safety of both work teams and the public.

Key projects back in action include Tākina – the Wellington Convention and Exhibition Center – Wellington Town Hall and the Omāroro Water Reservoir.


Contractor LT McGuinness and many of its subcontractors are back on site in Tākina following strict warning level 3 protocols, said Jack McGuinness, commercial director for the site across from Te Papa.

The primary construction of Tākina, including all steel and concrete construction work, was successfully completed at the end of July.

“That was a fantastic milestone for everyone involved and the project,” says Jack.

Now the assembly of the glass fabric facade and the continuation of the warm roof construction has started again, whereby the expansion of the lower floors is advanced.