KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) completed the construction of 69 infrastructure projects in the six months of the current 2020/21 financial year.

According to the KMC office, 23 kilometers of roads within the KMC have been blocked and 34,165 square meters of roads have been repaired. Four station buildings, two further buildings and two bridges were also built.

A three-kilometer road was plastered while works like installing drainage at 972 meters and laying blocks at 860 meters were completed, KMC spokesman Ishwor Man Dangol said. There are approximately 1,450 kilometers of asphalt roads within the KMC. The metropolis only repairs streets less than eight meters wide.

Within the KMC there are 950 kilometers of roads less than eight meters wide. As part of social development, KMC has projects valued at 1.62 billion rupees, Dangol said.

KMC has prepared 109 programs, including 77 programs that the department will run by mobilizing internal resources based on the 23 social security directives adopted by the metropolis, 24 programs to be run with the conditional grants granted by the Nepalese government and eight programs implemented under the Prime Minister’s Employment Program. Of these, 66 programs have already started, while 32 are in the implementation phase.

Similarly, Rs 3.10 billion has been collected for income so far. Rs 4.22 billion was collected under this heading last year. Based on the target, 35 percent sales were achieved in the first six months of the previous year, while 29 percent sales were achieved in the corresponding period of this year.

Of the amount raised, 1.75 billion rupees were collected online. The main KMC tax headings include property tax, business tax, rental tax and entertainment tax, and others.

KMC had allocated Rs 14 billion 266 million 500 thousand in the current fiscal year. Of this amount, Rs 3 billion, Rs 16 million, 106 million was allocated to the Physical Infrastructure Department of KMC.

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