Updated all current construction projects in the Northern Kentucky District

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 6 would like the public to be informed of the following conditions and / or operations reported for highways in District Six. Changes and / or additions to the last report are underlined / red. Drivers should consider possible delays or road closures in the following projects:


I-75 SB (183-178 mile marker) – Due to our work in the area, there are no road closures or traffic effects. Please drive carefully. An interstate rehabilitation project is nearing completion between US 42 and KY 536 (Mt. Zion Road). For more information, see DrivingNKYProgress

KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road) – A project is currently underway on Pleasant Valley Road between Valley View Drive and Rogers Lane. The carriageway will be widened and realigned and includes the construction of a bridge and a roundabout. Traffic will be on the new line north of Oakbrook Road / Carters Mill Lane to Rogers Lane to allow for the next phase of construction. The new traffic pattern will keep one lane open in each direction on KY 237 and Camp Ernst Road. All traffic will be handled via the new roundabout intersection of KY 237 and Camp Ernst Road. This traffic pattern is expected to persist until the project is completed, which is expected by summer 2021.

Ongoing traffic impact:

The intersection of Pleasant Valley Rd. (KY 237) and Thunder Ridge Dr. remains closed. Residential traffic cannot access Pleasant Valley Rd. by Thunder Ridge Dr. and traffic on Pleasant Valley Rd. will not be able to get on Thunder Ridge Dr. to access. The intersection is expected to remain closed until spring 2021. For more information, see DrivingNKYProgress

KY 536 (Mt. Zion Road) Exchange of Double Crossover Diamond (DCD) – Construction between Tiburon Drive and US 25 (Dixie Highway) is in progress. The new single lane roundabout at the intersection of Sherwood Lakes Dr. and Biltmore Connector is now open. The new link that emanates from Biltmore Blvd. to Investment Way is also open. As a reminder, traffic attempting to enter the roundabout should always give way to traffic already circling the roundabout.

Ongoing traffic disruptions when the weather permits

The crews will work along the mountain. Zion Rd. Between Tiburon Dr. and Dixie Hwy. (US 25). Occasional lane closures may occur, but traffic is maintained with flags when necessary.

The access road between Berberich Dr. and Sam Neace Dr. is open. For more information, see DrivingNKYProgress

KY 338 (Richwood Road) Double Crossing Diamond (DCD) and US 25 Dixie Highway SPUI – The work is in progress. The traffic on US 25 has a new traffic pattern as work continues in the project area.

Ongoing traffic reminders

The right lane of I-71/75 going north is closed approximately half a mile south of Richwood Road. (KY 338) Exit to the bridge over Frogtown Rd. (The length of the closure is approximately one mile.) This closure is expected to remain in place through the end of the year while improvements to the ramp area continue north.

Also, the right lane of I-71/75 southbound on Richwood Rd is closed. (KY 338) Exit for approximately a mile. This closure is expected to take place by the end of the year.

Crews work along Richwood Rd. (KY 338) between Triple Crown Blvd./Grand National Blvd. and Dixie Hwy. (US 25) and along the US 25 corridor. Occasional lane closures may occur, but traffic is maintained with flags when necessary. Please note that construction vehicles enter and exit the project area.

The crews continue to work on Best Pal Dr., Winning Colors Dr. and Triple Crown Blvd. Weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. During this time, road closures may be required and short-term detours may be established.

Level crossings update:

The Old Lexington Pike level crossing south of Richwood Rd. Is closed

All traffic will use Chambers Rd. Access to US 25 and I-71/75. Temporary traffic signals have been installed at the intersection of Chambers Rd. and US 25 to improve traffic flow. (The signals flash until operation.)

This traffic pattern is expected to persist throughout our construction work, which is expected to continue until 2022. However, options are being explored to reduce the length of this closure.

The level crossing at Richwood Rd. And US 25 is now permanently closed.

During construction, traffic will move down the railroad tracks at the Shorland Dr./Winning Colors Dr. Cross where new traffic signals are operational and timed to reduce congestion and help traffic flow through the intersection.

This closure is required to allow temporary railroad tracks to be built in the project area to allow for major intersection improvements on Richwood Rd. and US 25.

For more information, see DrivingNKYProgress

New I-275 – Graves Road Interchange – The new DCD exchange is open to traffic. Work on a new road to join KY 20 (Petersburg Road) continues. For more information, see DrivingNKYProgress


KY 2926 (Winters Lane) 0.8-0.9 mile marker – The road is closed to through traffic due to a slide. Residents have access. Please use KY 8 to KY 445 as a detour until the road is repaired.


John A. Roebling Bridge (KY 17) – The John A. Roebling Bridge has been reduced to a single lane and will be completely closed to vehicle traffic on February 15th for a lengthy restoration project to preserve the 154 year old historic landmark. A pedestrian walkway will remain open during the project. The bridge is to be opened to traffic again by the end of November. The entire project is expected to be completed by December 31st. Drivers can use the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge (US 25) or 4th Street / Veterans Bridge (KY 8). to Taylor Southgate Bridge (US 27) as a detour.

KY 2373 (Bromley-Crescent Springs Road) – 3.1 – 3.8 mile marker – A safety improvement project is ongoing. From Monday, February 15, the lane will be closed to through traffic due to work on relocating the canal. The road is closed until March 15th. Residents who live within the lockdown have access. A signed detour will be available during the closure. Drivers can use Anderson Road (KY 2373) to Buttermilch Pike (KY 371) to Collins Road to Amsterdam Road as a detour.

KY 177 (Decoursey Pike) – 11.8 – 19.3 Mile marker – A road construction project is currently being carried out on KY 177 (Decoursey Pike) from KY 2044 (Petty Road) to Banklick Creek Bridge. If the weather and the crew’s schedule allow, base downtime will take place on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Flaggers close a lane in the work zone. Crews will return in spring 2021 to complete the renewal of this 7.5 mile stretch of road.


1. Expect the unexpected.

2. Slow down.

3. Tailgate not. Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

4. Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and construction workers and equipment.

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5. Pay attention to the signs.

6. Obey the road crew flags.

7. Stay vigilant and minimize distractions.

8. Keep up with the flow of traffic.

9. Navigate through the traffic with GoKY, TRIMARC or via Waze on your smartphone!

10. You can follow us using the social media links below.

11. Knowing where the build zones are before you set off can help minimize frustration and delays.

12. Be patient and keep calm.

Kentucky Transportation District 6