Main Street, Lake Placid, can be seen here on Monday. (Company photo – Andy Flynn)

LAKE PLACID – As the summer tourist season comes to an end, the village plans to reduce Main Street to one lane again starting next month.

Built into the village’s contract with Kubricky Construction, the company chosen to lead the Main Street overhaul, was a restriction on the construction break during the height of the summer tourist season in July and August. This was a condition proposed back in 2019 when the project was under review by the village’s Main Street Task Force, a group of volunteers selected by then-Mayor Craig Randall to provide feedback on the multi-million dollar, multi-year Main Street to give street scene and infrastructure project. Ultimately, the village allowed some construction to continue that summer, limited to off-street parking. Construction will continue in earnest from September 7th.

Work planned

The temporary traffic lights at the Olympic Drive intersection will turn on again next month. As at the beginning of the year, drivers can only drive north along Main Street. Hillcrest Avenue will not be reduced to a one-way street again, however – the village announced last week that the street would continue to run both ways.

Kubricky Construction Crews will continue construction, beginning with work on the aqueduct near the lower urban lot across from NBT Bank and south, according to a village news release.

A second construction team will be installing trench lines on the west side of Main Street, starting at the north end near the Saranac Avenue intersection and going south to the lower lot across from NBT Bank. A third team will tear out curbs, replace them and prepare the new sidewalk along Main Street, starting at the north end on the west side of the street, before moving to the east side. According to the village, rubber mats are laid out until the sidewalk is ready. A fourth crew will be laying the new granite sidewalk.

The village doesn’t have enough granite to finish the sidewalk, so most of the sidewalk will be finished, but the construction company plans to temporarily fill part of the sidewalk with concrete by next spring.

Customers should be able to access stores along Main Street while sidewalks are being installed, unless crews replace the sidewalk on a company’s doorstep. Village officials said business owners will be given advance notice of when they can expect construction to take place in front of their building.

“The crews hope to be able to complete the work by mid to late November.” it says in a press release from the village. “However, this schedule can be changed due to weather or other construction delays. A provisional road surface will be laid for the winter. “

Shuttle to Bahnhofstrasse

The village’s Station Street shuttle was due to cease operations after Labor Day, but the village announced this week that it will cease operations on Friday.

The village’s Station Street shuttle, operated by the Essex County Transportation Department, took passengers from a parking lot behind the North Elba-Lake Placid Historical Society’s History Museum to various stops along Main Street. This service was intended to open up more parking spaces for visitors along Main Street and replace parking spaces that were displaced by construction work on the lower parish lot opposite NBT Bank and the large parish lot opposite the post office.

“There was a downsizing at the district level as well as a decrease in the number of passengers”, Community development coordinator Haley Breen said Friday. “In July we had 1,374 drivers, yesterday there were only 590 in the whole of August.

“Also, the parking lots on Saranac Avenue and Main Street parking lots were reduced during the summer due to construction, but that’s all finished and they are fully functional again, so we’ve restored a lot of parking spaces.” She added. “The plan has always been to do a re-evaluation towards the end of August. The district hires full-time and part-time drivers if someone is looking! “

The Placid Xprss – which rotates 40 to 45 minutes, 25 to 30 minutes longer than the 15-minute rotation of the Station Street shuttle – will service Station Street, according to a village press release.

The Placid Xprss runs Monday to Saturday from 6.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. The shuttle runs all year round, according to Breen.

Breen said the county will add a stop on the Placid Xprss route to the North Elba Exhibition Grounds from the Bahnhofstrasse property on Labor Day weekend.

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