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It seems the city isn’t even trying to control private developers, writes Lucinda Press.

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It’s no fun living in a construction site. The constant high, loud “beeping” of the moving vehicles is really annoying. This is especially true at 6:30 a.m. when awakened from a deep sleep. The beeping even penetrates earplugs. If you live on a street where three modern “mansions” are squeezed into existing lots, the noise is more or less continuous. There really should be rules preventing such an early start in existing residential areas, but it seems the city isn’t even trying to control private property developers.

What my husband and I don’t understand is why there is a need to make such loud noises when vehicles are working alone in small residential areas on empty lots. It may be understandable that there is a need to warn deaf or unsuspecting passers-by when they are backing out onto the street, but what’s the point in an enclosed property where no one can warn? If the operators of construction vehicles cannot calm the reversing noises or turn them down, they should at least not be allowed to start the day that early.

Lucinda press

Anonymous comments

Would you buy a car from someone you didn’t know without being seen? Would you accept a Kool-Aid / lemonade from a masked / disguised person? Do you accept medical, legal, or financial advice from someone who does not reveal their identity?

These rhetorical questions come to mind when reading the anonymous comments beneath all the stories, opinion boards, and letters to the editor. Almost every topic is (and usually) contradicted by the same “experts” who give neither their name nor a guarantee.

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Whether climate change, coronavirus or sport, the advice is always the same. Do not listen. Doctors are only there for the money. Politicians are all liars. The media is there both for the money and as a liar. Experts at the university are all a bunch of leftists, socialists, Marxists, fascists, communists (choose from).

Don’t listen to science. Scientists observe phenomena, try to explain and correlate all the facts, and then formulate a hypothesis. Experiments test our hypothesis and this hypothesis is revised if necessary.

Decades of training, peer review, and we still express our results in terms of probabilities. Not so for this anonymous expert. He’s never made a mistake. “Climate change / COVID / vaccines, everything is a joke.”

So who should you trust? Perhaps your insurance agent: ask about the price of a policy to cover any losses on your next trip to Las Vegas. Check your policy for floods, termites, or damage from pollution.

Robert Bandurka


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