MnDOT’s multi-year Twin Ports Interchange project will improve security by avoiding blind junctions and left exits, replacing outdated infrastructure, and improving freight mobility.

More than 200 construction projects are underway this year that will help preserve Minnesota’s roads and bridges, improve safety, and support thousands of construction works across the state Minnesota Department of Transportation announced.

In addition, the crews will improve safety and infrastructure on 51 multimodal projects, which are airport, port, transit and rail projects outside the state road construction program.

“Safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable transportation is critical to the quality of life and economic success of our state,” said MnDOT Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher. “Although Minnesota’s transportation needs significantly exceed the resources available, this year’s construction program shows MnDOT’s commitment to making smart investments in our system to better serve everyone.”

Highlights of this year’s program in Northwest Minnesota (MnDOT District 2):

  • Reduced Conflict Intersections (RCI) are being built on Highway 2 west of Bemidji to improve safety and access between Beltrami County Road 14 in Wilton and Beltrami County Road 9.
  • An RCI (Reduced Conflict Intersection) is to be built on Highway 2 near Marcoux Corner to improve safety at the intersection with Highway 32.
  • Resurface Hwy 59 from Winger to Erskine creates a longer lasting road and improves pedestrian crossings in Winger.
  • Resurface 15.6 mi. of Highway 200 near the south shore of Leech Lake, replacing two culverts, widening shoulders, and adding turn lanes to improve drainage and safety while creating a longer lasting road.

Other project highlights from across the state:

  • Completed the Interstate 35W / I-94 project in Minneapolis in the fall of 2021. This project along a 2.5 mile route. The I-35W stretch began in August 2017 and includes the rebuilding of 11 bridges and the repair of four more. Installation of a new pavement on the 50 year old motorway; Construction of MnPASS alleys near downtown and a bus stop on Lake Street for better transit service; and adding wider and more accessible footbridges.
  • Start repairing and renewing sidewalks in St. Paul on I-94 between Western Avenue and Mounds Boulevard and on I-35E between I-94 and University Avenue. Work includes renovating ramps and roads, repairing bridges, repairing drainage systems, and improving ADA and sidewalks.
  • Start of major work on the Twin Ports Interchange in Duluth. This multi-year project will increase security by avoiding blind junctions and left exits, replacing outdated infrastructure, and improving freight mobility.
  • Reconstruction of Highway 10 in Elk River between Simonet Drive and Lowell Avenue; Adding a multipurpose path; and improving access to Proctor Avenue.
  • Renewal of Highway 87 from Frazee to Becker / Wadena County Line. Project covers 26 mi. of surface renewal; Widening of the shoulders between Frazee and Evergreen; and replacement of bridge / box culverts east of Frazee.
  • Extension 12.5 mi. of Highway 14 between Dodge Center and Owatonna from two to four lanes to improve capacity, safety, travel times and access. When completed in 2022, this project will complete a continuous four-lane road between Mankato and Rochester.
  • Renewal of Highway 60 from Highway 14 to Highway 13 in Waterville and rebuild through Madison Lake. This project will improve sidewalks and intersections; Update pedestrian ramps to meet ADA requirements; Change access and turn lanes; and improving the district’s street lighting.
  • Realignment of Highway 12 and reconstruction of Highway 40, including the addition of two new bridges to facilitate a new railway line (Willmar Wye) on the west side of Willmar.

“Our crews work tirelessly to keep our transportation safe for everyone, and we value the patience and understanding of Minnesotans,” said Anderson Kelliher. “Remember, we’re all in the work zone together. Watch out for work zones, drive within the stated speed limit, put your phone down and avoid distractions while driving.”

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