People who live near an early education center under construction in Motherwell say the new parking lot overlooks their homes and denies them privacy.

Michelle Campbell lives near the Forgewood Early Learning Center and has complained to North Lanarkshire Council along with neighbors.

They claim they were not notified that the parking lot should be raised to more than ten feet with a view of the nearby gardens.

Michelle said we have no privacy, they now said they were going to put up a four foot fence that still won’t be good. The neighbor directly at the new parking lot was able to serve you a cup of tea from her side window. This will devalue our houses, not privacy. ”

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A North Lanarkshire Council spokesman said: “We are in regular contact with residents who live near the car park and have assured them that it is being built in accordance with all legal guidelines. Details on the height of the parking garage were covered in the building application.

“After meeting local residents, our architects and main designers took steps to mitigate the effects of the new parking lot.

“This includes fences, trees and additional bushes that are erected as visual barriers that offer privacy and block the view of cars in the parking lot.

“We will make sure that the regular exchange with the residents is continued in the course of the work.”