The new Marriott Courtyard hotel in downtown Nanaimo will use a cutting-edge construction method developed by Vancouver-based green construction company Nexii.

This will be a 172-room, nine-story building on 100 Gordon Street, adjacent to the Vancouver Island Conference Center near the waterfront.

With the help of 3D software, Nexii will manufacture the building envelope – the shell of the building – outside of its production facility in Squamish and then transport the 140 prefabricated structural panels to Nanaimo for assembly.

The panels can be put together like pieces of a puzzle to form an airtight building envelope, which optimizes the building’s energy efficiency and significantly reduces energy costs over the life of the building.

In addition, the panels are developed from the company’s own material Nexiite, which is considered a sustainable alternative to concrete by significantly reducing CO2 emissions and reducing construction waste on site.

Not only is it a more sustainable way of building, Nexii’s building methodology is also inexpensive and faster than traditional building methods. Using the company’s pre-engineered methodology and Nexiite materials cut construction time by eight to ten weeks.

Artist’s impression of the Marriott Courtyard Nanaimo Hotel at 100 Gordon Street. (PEG)

New Nanaimo Marriott lodge to make use of Vancouver agency’s inexperienced development methodology

Location of the Marriott Courtyard Nanaimo hotel at 100 Gordon Street. (Nanaimo city)

This is the first project that Nexii has partnered with Utah-based commercial real estate investment firm PEG, which owns, builds and operates a number of hotel properties in North America.

“The innovative Nexii system has enabled PEG to be much more efficient in building our beautiful Courtyard by Marriott property in Nanaimo by providing a complete pre-built outdoor system,” said Robert Schmidt, president of PEG’s development department, in a statement.

“Given the size of this project and its location on Vancouver Island, the cost and time required to install a traditional outdoor system were prohibitive. Nexii met this challenge and, better yet, the product improved the thermal properties of the project, which contributes to a more sustainable result. ”

This is the largest building to date to use Nexii’s construction method and products, both in terms of height and total area. Some of the more recent Nexii applications that closed earlier this year were for new Starbucks stores and Popeyes restaurant buildings in Abbotsford.

“Buildings and construction are the main sources of climate pollution and municipal waste, but they are essential to our way of life. We need to make sure all new builds are smart green builds to keep our planet healthy and liveable, ”said Gregor Robertson, executive vice president of strategy and partnerships at Nexii and former mayor of Vancouver.

“We are very excited to be working with PEG on this project. At Nexii, we pride ourselves on forming partnerships that solve construction challenges, cut schedules and reduce the environmental impact of their buildings. ”

For more than a decade the intention has been to equip the conference center with a hotel to attract larger events and congresses. The hotel section was originally supposed to be built in time for the completion of the conference center in 2008, but the hotel developer was hit by the financial crisis and his plans failed.

Marriott Yard Nanaimo Hotel 100 Gordon Street

Construction progress on the Marriott Courtyard Nanaimo Hotel at 100 Gordon Street as of June 18, 2021. (City of Nanaimo)

At the end of 2017, following a procurement process for PEG, the city of Nanaimo decided to develop the city’s own premises into a hotel. The property was sold for $ 750,000, with the city reserving the right to repossess the property for $ 750,000 if PEG failed to meet its commencement commitments within two years.

The city administration previously had problems with the development of the hotel with previous developer partners, who later dropped out due to rising costs.

Construction of the hotel project finally began in January 2020 and is expected to be completed this year. It will cost $ 23 million to build.