AKRON, Ohio, Thursday, August 19, 2021) – The following construction projects are expected to affect highways in Summit County next week. All work described is dependent on the weather.

Interstate 76/77 Akron Beltway

Interstate 76/77 Akron Beltway Reconstruction, Akron – Reconstruction of I-76 / I-77 between Princeton Ave. to V. Odom Blvd., I-77 between Cole Ave. and Waterloo Rd. and on State Route 8 / I-76 / I-77 Central Junction.
NEW IMPACT – As of Friday morning, August 20, the following changes in traffic pattern will occur:

  • I-77 northbound / I-76 westbound at Kenmore Leg will be CLOSED until the end of October. The diversion is via I-77 south to I-277 west to I-76 / Kenmore Leg north.
  • The driveway from I-76 West / I-77 north to I-76 / Kenmore Leg south will be reopened.
  • 22ndnd to I-76 / Kenmore Leg to the south will reopen.
  • The driveway from I-76 / Kenmore Leg south to I-76 west will reopen.

NEW IMPACT – As of Saturday morning, August 21, the following changes in the traffic pattern will occur:

  • The southbound driveway from Carroll St. to State Route 8 will be closed until the end of September. The detour leads via Fountain St. to Perkins St.
  • Motorists traveling south on State Route 8 between Carroll St. and Johnston St. should be aware of a new traffic pattern. Traffic on State Route 8 going south will be split, crossing the left lane onto State Route 8 going north while the two right lanes continuing on State Route 8 going south.


  • The driveway from State Route 8 south to I-77 north / I-76 west is CLOSED until May 2023. The diversion is I-77 southbound to I-277 westbound to I-76 / Kenmore Leg northbound.
  • The driveway from I-77 northbound to I-76 westbound is CLOSED until May 2023. The diversion is I-277 going west to I-76 / Kenmore Leg going north.

Interstate 77 project

Repair of Interstate 77, Richfield Township
NEW IMPACT Beginning Monday, August 30th, I-77 southbound south of Brecksville Rd. Will have several nightly lane closures between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. Expected completion at the end of September.

US 224 Guardrail Repair, Springfield Township
Various lane restrictions will apply to US 224 from State Route 532 to the Summit / Portage County Line through Friday, August 27, starting Thursday, August 19.

For a full list of active developments in Summit County, please click HERE.

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