PM, Gadkari to flag off building work on two bridge tasks in ballot sure Assam at present | India Information


NEW DELHI: The government will start construction work on two important and politically important bridge projects in Assam on Wednesday. While the 19 km long bridge on Brahmaputra from Dhubri (in Assam) to Phulbari (in Meghalaya) will be the longest bridge in India, the start of work on the two-lane bridge from Jorhat to Majuli Island, given that the government has it Made Of Matters Dramatically reduce costs by redesigning and restructuring the project.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari will begin construction of the Dhubri-Phulbari Bridge, which has long been requested, reducing the current road distance by 205 km. The need for this bridge was felt in April 2012 when a boat with 305 passengers capsized on the Brahmaputra. The project would cost the government 4,997 rupees.
Sources said in the case of the Jorhat-Majuli bridge bridge project, costs dropped dramatically after the Ministry of Roads influenced several redesigns and restructurings of the project. While the project was valued at Rs.1,800 billion in August 2019, the Ministry of Roads reduced the width of the 6.8 km long bridge and included the construction of a 1.2 km long access road to reduce costs, with the project eventually was tendered for 687 billion rupees.
Sources said this was a political promise that Prime Minister Sarbananda Sonowal made to the people of the world’s largest inhabited river island. Therefore, it is crucial for the BJP government to start work before the elections.
“We reviewed the project at various stages of preparation and it helped us determine the best price. Our focus is now on lowering the costs of projects through innovative solutions. The bridge is vital to the people of the island, ”Gadkari told TOI.
According to sources, the ministry has prioritized the construction of the two-lane bridge over the other proposed roads as it will take at least four years to build. “We can start road projects later in the next two years so that the roads will be ready by the time the bridge goes into operation,” said a ministerial official.
He added that in 2018 the state government had proposed the construction of the 6.8 km long bridge and the approximately 140 km long road at a cost of 8,000 rupees. It was later decided to start construction of the four lane bridge over Brahmaputra and a 20 km road in August 2019 at Rs 2,494 crore. The ministry then reduced the width of the bridge to two lanes and proposed building 20 km of road for 1,800 rupees. “Finally it was decided to build the bridge and the only 1.2 km long access road. But even then the estimated cost was Rs 1,092 crore. The project went through several reviews and ended up being awarded to UP Bridge Corporation for Rs 687 crore, ”the official said.