PRC faculty board hears bond building replace – Picayune Merchandise


Several construction projects have been completed in the Pearl River County School District in the past few months, some of which are still in progress.

One of the main points during the PRCSD Board of Trustees’ meeting last week on these projects was about a problem with the fire extinguisher system in use in the multi-purpose building currently under construction.

The water pressure is currently too low to properly supply 40-50 PSI to the system.

For the sprinkler system to work properly, the PSI must be 70.

It is hoped that changing the system’s water connection to the McNeill Water Tower will increase the pressure.

However, if this change does not meet 70 PSI requirements, the district may need to install a separate water tank and pump in the building.

An offer for these supplements was a little over $ 330,000. The district therefore hopes that the change to the plumbing will help increase the pressure on the sprinkler system in the building and eliminate the need to purchase additional equipment.

On another matter, the board approved a wage application for Colony Construction, the multi-purpose construction company, for $ 598,216.

The board also approved a budget change of $ 12,000 for some drainage work to be done on the southern playground on the base campus.

In other stores

The board approved an application to advertise 532 acre property in the 16th section with an opening bid of $ 8.50 per acre.