The Delhi government’s proposed plan to build a Haj house in Sector 22 of Dwarka has angered local residents, including villagers.

Local residents are reportedly resisting the construction of the Haj House on the grounds that it would disrupt “brotherhood, harmony and peace”.

A mahapanchayat was organized in the area on Friday (August 6th), attended by residents and Pradhans from many villages. The Pradhans said they would not allow a Haj house to be built on this site, reports the Times of India.

Many Hindu groups and leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party also support the Dwarka residents.

On August 3, All Dwarka Residents Federation secretary BP Vaishnav had written a letter to the lieutenant governor of Delhi expressing concern about the disturbance of law and order.

“There will be every possibility of unrest, migration of Hindus and repetition of a situation like Shaheen Bagh, Jaffrabad and Kashmir,” wrote Vaishnav.

According to the report, the immediate provocation for the protest appeared to be the release of funds for the project on the land allocated by DDA.

“We already have a mosque in Dwarkas Sector-11. If the government wants to build one, it should be on the waqf board’s land. Why use public money for this? The population of Muslims in the area is very small. The mosque only has about two dozen people visiting it, ”said Federation President Ajit Swami.

“The Delhi government is trying to build its vote bank. If you want to build something, you should build a school, a hospital or a park. Why are they doing it for a community? Why are they wasting taxpayers’ money like that, “Ram Kumar Solanki, Pradhan from Palam village, is quoted as saying.

In addition, the Mahapanchayat attendees suggested that the government can easily expand the Haj House at the airport and not make it into a residential area.

Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta also backed the villagers, saying the Haj House could be built on the Waqf Board’s land or elsewhere, but not here.

“In 2008, the Congress government created the plan and took the land from DDA. Now the AAP government has decided to release funds for this. If you have that much money why not build something for the kids! Our country is lagging behind in the Olympics and they can build a stadium, ”said Rakesh Nambardar, Pradhan from 28 villages.

However, Syed Shadab Hussain Rizvi Ashrafi, a member of the Delhi State Haj Committee, said it was a government project and construction on the site had not yet started.

“We have heard of the protest and will not say anything that hinders peace and harmony,” Ashrafi was quoted as saying.