Construction of a new residential complex that once housed the famous Beverly Hills Supper Club is slated to begin this month.

Ashley Builders Group and Vision Realty Group announced Monday that they had completed plans to purchase the property for the proposed Memorial Pointe community.

The Beverly Hills Supper Club was a popular nightlife and entertainment destination in Southgate before tragedy erupted in 1977.

A fire swept through the building, killing 165 people.

“As excited as we are to move forward on Memorial Pointe, we will never stop remembering those who lost their lives in Beverly Hills and those who left them,” said Bill Kreutzjans, Jr., of the Ashley Builders Group. “We’d like to thank once again the city, first responders and residents of Southgate, the Campbell County Planning and Zoning Commission and survivors for supporting a project that will provide housing, preserve green spaces and create a permanent memorial.”

Southgate Mayor Jim Hamberg said the city is delighted to see Memorial Pointe nearing completion and is excited to welcome one of Northern Kentucky’s most ambitious developments to the community.

“For us here at home, this purchase and the planned development add a new page to the eventful past of the property,” said Mayor Hamberg. “Ashley is committed to honoring the rich and tragic history of the Beverly Hills Supper Club by building a memorial of its own and creating a vibrant shared apartment.”

“This will be a development for single adults, families and the elderly,” he said. “Together, this purchase will finally be a living and lasting tribute to the victims, families and first responders whose lives were forever changed by the fire at the Beverly Hills Supper Club and at the same time represent a positive development for our beautiful city.”

Ashley Builders Group will jointly develop the project with Vision Realty Group.

In addition to site development, Vision Realty Group will partner with North American Properties, the Cincinnati-based company that also owns Newport on the Levee, to develop the 200 apartments at Memorial Pointe.

“Much hard work and dedication has gone into the plans to honor the memory of the Beverly Hills Supper Club, and that effort will continue through all phases of the project. The Vision Realty Group is delighted to be part of the team and is equally committed to preserving the site’s past and the vision for the site’s vibrant future, ”said Matt Olliges of the Vision Realty Group.

A permanent memorial to the 1977 tragedy is planned on the land along U.S. 27 and will include the names of the victims, a list of local first aiders who responded to the fire, a list of state and state fire regulations that were deemed implemented a consequence of the fire and maps of the location in 1977.

A memorial plaque in honor of the victims will also be installed in the park, which is being created as part of the housing project on the hill.

Members of the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire Group have expressed their support for the project and their appreciation for the plans for a memorial that will be donated to the City of Southgate upon completion.

The site is 80 acres and in addition to residential development, Memorial Pointe will include green spaces and include a park and links to the Highland Country Club located across from Blossom Lane from the site. Access to Memorial Pointe is via US 27 and Blossom Lane.

Mayor Hamberg also said the development will attract new residents to the city and generate much-needed new tax revenue every year.

Memorial Pointe will be built in stages over approximately five years. The project includes:

  • 85 single-family homes, with two to four bedrooms, starting at $ 300,000. A homeowners association will maintain the units, a neighborhood park and green spaces.
  • 200 luxury condos that offer rents from $ 1,100 to $ 2,000 per month and have a communal area that includes a swimming pool, indoor exercise center, and event center for parties, meetings, family gatherings, etc.
  • An 85-unit, for-profit, assisted living facility offered with mentoring fees ranging from $ 3,000 to $ 6,000 per month.

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