Rob Zombie provided the latest update on the construction of the single family home for his upcoming film adaptation of the 1960s sitcom, The Munsters.

Horror filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie has brought fans the latest update on building the Munsters family home for his upcoming film The Munsters. The famous horror comedy series had a short but memorable career from 1964 to 66, giving audiences the chance to see some of Universal’s classic monsters in a whole new and humorous light. Zombies Adaption is the first feature film since Münster, Go Home! 1966.

Not much is known about the adaptation of Zombie in terms of plot or cast at this time. Fortunately, Zombie has been very open about the progress of the production and filming that is currently taking place in Hungary. So far, fans have been able to get a glimpse of the practical effects of some of the monsters in the film, as well as the construction of the Munsters family home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. For his part, Zombie has often expressed his full dedication to the project and emphasized that he had wanted to make a Munsters feature film for 20 years. Fans of the series are sure to look forward to seeing their favorite monster family together again, but Zombie’s track record as filmmakers doesn’t necessarily fill some fans with confidence.

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Aside from any speculation about The Munsters, however, it cannot be denied that the current work on the creation of the creepy family home at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the Mockingbird Heights neighborhood is impressive. Zombie recently visited his Instagram account to give Munsters fans a new update on building the set. As can be seen in the pictures below, the house really looks like what has been widely known and loved for decades. Zombie has reiterated a desire to make everything as perfect as possible, which makes completing the set a very interesting prospect.

The original TV series used the Universal Studios backlot as a filming location for Mockingbird Heights, and the sets for 1313 Mockingbird Lane have had a long and storied life since being used on The Munsters. Today the remaining sets are mere pieces put back together to form the sets of other Hollywood houses. Because of this, Zombie’s reconstructed version of 1313 Mockingbird Lane will be the most authentic of its kind in decades. With so much attention to detail, it seems like a sure thing that Zombie’s version of The Munsters will bring fans back to the days of the show’s original run, at least on a visual level.

At this point, it’s understandable how long-time fans of The Munster’s Zombies find engagement exciting and worrying. There is no question that this film is a passion project for the front man of White Zombie, and one could even argue that there are few directors better suited to bringing the classic sitcom to the big screen. But just being in love with a franchise or intellectual property doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality. What will the real test of zombie attitudes be? The Minster is whether its plot and cast can really appeal to the audience, beyond nostalgia.

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