Construction is scheduled to begin and the sale of several new homes in the 101-Lot River Road Estates subdivision is open, propelling development of the newly built Hahnville neighborhood.

The project, which was originally to be called Berkshire Estates, was approved for construction by the community’s planning committee in 2018. DR Horton is the construction company doing the job. The subdivision is between 16011 and 16061 River Road.

Horton’s website states that the price of the new builds will start at $ 234,900 and the apartment plans will range from 1,300 to 2,100 square feet. Each home will have three to four bedrooms and two bathrooms, some of which will include an office or study.

The company plans to phased out the 101 homes in the neighborhood, with a significant portion earmarked for this first wave. Horton started work on it in early May and broke ground in several houses. About 30 houses are planned for this phase and these houses will be built regardless of whether they are all under contract. It is estimated that the construction of the houses will take approximately five months from the start of each construction.

Brandy Nichols

GL Realty’s Brandy Nichols said the influx of new homes was nothing but good news for those looking to shop in the area, calling it something that was needed.

“We’ve had a long time needing new, affordable homes in St. Charles Parish,” said Nichols. “The real estate market is crazy right now, and as soon as houses come on the market there is bidding war. That more than likely means houses are contracted for more than they value, and people have to overpay for houses just to get one. “

She said the effect is due to supply and demand as it is being driven by a national housing deficit and therefore the value of houses will continue to rise until more houses are added to the equation.

“The US housing market consists of 3.8 million single-family homes that do not meet the requirements of our country. (So) builders who come to our region and offer homes at an affordable price are certainly contributing to our housing shortage here in the St . Charles Parish at. ” Said Nichols. “There are several neighborhoods throughout the community and that should be a plus for both buyers and sellers.”

The plus point for sellers, she said, is because most of the time, selling one home requires the ability to buy another.

“I have sellers who are afraid to sell their home because they don’t believe they can find a house to move into,” she said.

DR Horton’s homes in River Road Estates are not currently listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but Nichols said the company works with buyers and the ball can get rolling immediately on a purchase.

“If you are a buyer currently working with a broker, just call your broker and have them contact DR Horton,” said Nichols, who is not affiliated with DR Horton but with the many times as an independent agent Company has worked together. “I will say that I have sold several homes with DR Horton and they care about the quality of the homes that are going up and that are very easy to work with. “

In 2007-08 the project was originally planned by former New Orleans Saints soccer player Willie Whitehead Jr., but lost it due to financial problems.

Whitehead said he hired new investors, including another former Saints player, but the property ended up at a sheriff auction and was sold to River Road Estates LLC of Metairie.