RWE has completed the construction of the Alcamo 2 wind farm in Sicily, Italy.

The 13.6 MW wind farm has a power purchase agreement with the Italian paper manufacturer Sofidel.

The contract enabled RWE to build the wind farm without relying on government subsidies and has helped Sofidel achieve its climate goals.

The new wind farm consists of four GW 136-3.4 MW Goldwind turbines.

As part of the deal, Sofidel acquires all origin guarantees that arise from the performance of the wind farm.

The PPA runs until the end of 2030.

Riccardo Balducci, Energy and Environment Director at Sofidel, said: “The agreement with RWE is an important step towards our goals of reducing our carbon footprint. Sofidel’s emission reduction targets – -40% emissions per tonne of paper by 2030 compared to the base year 2018 – were approved by the Science Based Targets initiative as being compatible with the values ​​required to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

“This is also in line with the latest climate science knowledge needed to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

“In our commitment to a low-carbon economy, we see PPAs as a useful and effective tool for generating renewable energy for our industrial operations while triggering the creation of additional generation capacities in order to sustain the green energy transition.”