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TR Photo by Trevor Babcock The Marshalltown Salvation Army thrift store as it is today.

To enhance the shopping experience and update the look and feel, the Marshalltown Salvation Army is planning to build their thrift store on 13th Street.

The Marshalltown Salvation Army corps officer Captain Pam Kasten said she hopes construction will improve the exterior of the building this summer and interior construction will begin in winter as they continue to review bids for the project.

“It doesn’t look like the rest of 13th Street” She said. “It has some structural problems, a sloping floor, the windows are in poor condition.”

The construction project will update the exterior of the facility to complement other buildings in the community and address structural issues to make the business more shopper-friendly. Donating to the business is made easier with the addition of a covered drive-in donation window.

“We should see an increase in the goods we get and an increase in the quality of the goods we get.” Said box.

Work begins next week in the store’s basement to install a water tile system and sump pumps.

“It’s some things people can’t see, but it’ll make the building so much better.” Said box.

The store will try to stay open throughout construction, but Kasten said it may need to close for a few days when the ground is leveled.

“The people we will work with know that we want to try to be as open as possible.” Said box.

She said the reversal of business in recent years helped make the construction project possible. It lost money in fiscal years 2014 to 2017. When Kasten joined the Marshalltown Salvation Army in 2018, she saw serious efforts to improve the state of the business.

“Right before I arrived, some people were working really hard to solve the problem.” Said box. “We had done some training and attended some seminars and the like to turn the shop around.”

The business then began to change the way they rate their items and process donations. Now there is a completely different line of products on the storefront every four weeks, with unwanted items being taken out of store and replaced with new ones to keep the store fresh.

The thrift store helps raise funds for other services offered by the Salvation of Marshalltown Army, such as: B. Emergency Rent and Utility Programs, Pantry and Youth Programs.

The Marshalltown Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to help get old clothes racks out of the basement so construction can begin on Wednesday. Kasten said it would be a great opportunity for any high school student who wants to have lessons to earn their silver line of honor for graduation. Volunteers can come to the Marshalltown Salvation Army Thrift Store and ask for Dee or AJ.


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