Saskatoon theatres

Saskatoon theatres

Of the several Saskatoon theatres, none of them have the clout that TCU Place has. In particular, the Sid Buckwold Theatre is home to some of the finest entertainment in Saskatchewan. From plays to concerts to accredited events and speaking engagements, there is always lots to do here.

By bookmarking our website in your browser, you can stay up-to-speed with our ever-changing activity schedule. Each month, TCU Place hosts world-class speakers and musicians. We also provide a voice for local and niche speakers/artists. With a huge auditorium, a world-class audio-visual system, customized lighting, and comfortable seating for thousands, and an additional vast space for gathering and mingling, TCU Place leads among Saskatoon theatres concerning events and performances.

Check Out TCU Place’s Concert Hall

TCU Place is home to Saskatchewan’s most esteemed concert hall. Our theatre is the ideal location for modern concerts and is home to many memorable concerts already in the record books. With thousands of seats and an additional 104,000 sq. ft. of gathering space, TCU Place is renowned among Saskatoon theatres. There simply is no better venue for concerts in the region. From Alice Cooper to The Counting Crows and The Symphony Orchestra, you will find great music all year-round at TCU Place.

Catch a Play at The Sid Buckwold Theatre

Motivational speaking is a big thing nowadays, and even though TCU Place regularly hosts great speakers, concerts, and tradeshows, sometimes a good play or production will do. The Sid Buckwold Theatre is the perfect Saskatoon theatre if you’re looking to catch a bit of good acting. Depending on the date, you might be able to take part in famous plays like Stomp, Sit Down, Trailer Park Boys, The Sound of Music, or even a national talent show. Bookmark our website or give us a call for an updated schedule of events.

The History of Our Saskatoon Theatre

The Sid Buckwold Theatre was established when TCU Place was built in the 1960s. At the time, many Saskatoon taxpayers were not thrilled at the idea of seeing their hard-earned money go toward a public gathering place of the scope and magnitude that is TCU Place. In fact, there was so much opposition to the project that it almost didn’t take place. Yet, during the period of the 1960s, assembly facilities were going up across the nation. It almost seemed that fate would have it.

In the spirit of competition, Saskatoon’s mayor Sid Buckwold decided that since Regina was getting a large facility, so would Saskatoon! Not the most popular decision at the time, we are thankful today for Mr. Buckwold’s fortitude and determination in the creation of TCU Place and its wonderful theatre, which is the by far the best among Saskatoon theatres, that is now named after the courageous mayor. At the time, very few people saw the practicality of such an undertaking, but in our day, we have to marvel at the foresight and ahead-of-its-time planning that went into creating the best Saskatoon theatre.

Saskatoon theatres

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