SISD finalizes new HS with development audit


District pays $ 54,000 in the closing step

The Sherman Independent School District begins one of the final steps before the high school construction project is fully completed. Last month, the district approved a $ 54,000 agreement with RL Townsend & Associates to review the construction, which signaled the end of the $ 157.8 million project.

The commitment to the audit comes as the crews are finalizing the final touches to the school project in the summer in anticipation of the district’s first full year on the new campus.

“When you finalize your project, you want to be sure that you are reviewing the project, which is different from externally reviewing your budget each year,” said Tyson Bennett, SISD Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations.

Under the terms of the agreement, the consultancy reviews the construction contracts to ensure that all payments have been processed correctly. For this test, the district wanted a specialist company to do the final test and make sure everything was in order.

The district published an application for qualification for construction in April. A month later, the district announced that RL Townsend & Associates was ranked # 1. 1 for Qualified Companies and started preparing an agreement for testing.

RL Townsend & Associates is currently involved in the review of more than $ 8 million in construction projects. Several school districts in Texas, including the Austin, Carrolton-Farmers Branch, Arlington, Mansfield, Dallas, Plano, and Round Rock school districts, work with the company.

Unlike other exams, such as the annual district exam, these types of exams are usually reserved for larger loan projects that are far less common. The last time the county issued bonds prior to the new school building was about 15 years ago, Bennett said.

Despite some delays, the high school opened for students in January for the spring semester. Some parts of the campus were still under construction at that time. However, the only remaining articles left to complete during the summer months are mostly items on the punk list, Bennett said.