NICEVILLE – A Niceville contractor with years of experience at Eglin Air Force Base has a $ 22.1 million contract for the ongoing design and construction of a software reprogramming lab for the fifth generation F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter receive.

The contract award was announced by the US Department of Defense on Thursday.

Speegle Construction Inc. was one of 12 companies that applied for the project, which included a second phase of work on The Australia Canada United Kingdom’s Reprogramming Laboratory (ACURL). Like the United States Reprogramming Laboratory right next door and the nearby Norway Italy Reprogramming Laboratory, ACURL is involved in the further development of “mission data files” for the F-35.

Mission data files aid the F-35’s many optical, electromagnetic, and other sensors in detecting threats. This gives pilots the ability to “carry out the mission with the jet doing much of the work,” said Royal Australian Air Force Commander Joseph Bennett, ACURL’s commanding officer in charge of engineering, last February while cutting the tape for the graduation the first phase of the laboratory.

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The contract award for the ACURL is one of the most recent contracts awarded to Speegle in Eglin and Hurlburt Field.

Speegle has worked on a number of civil and military projects since its inception in 1976. Troy Speegle Jr., president and third generation owner, said the company is fortunate to have a really good base of subcontractors and vendors. “The use of local skilled workers under his military contracts is” a point of pride for us, “added Speegle.

Other recent local military contracts awarded by Speegle Construction included a $ 12.3 million contract announced in November for a 36,800 square meter training facility for special operations maintenance in Hurlburt. The facility is intended to house weapon loading training equipment along with other training equipment, a full-size C-130 aircraft, classrooms and offices.

In October, the company announced a $ 15.5 million contract for a 39,500-square-foot specialty facility in Hurlburt

In relation to its work at Eglin, Speegle announced last July that it had received a $ 11.4 million contract to build two 7,300 square foot facilities related to the Gulf Test Range. The range covers 120,000 square miles of the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The range managed by Eglin’s 96th Test Wing is used by the U.S. military service for a range of ammunition and equipment tests, as well as for personnel training.

In June last year, Speegle won a $ 3.6 million contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers to renovate the fourth floor of Building 13 in Eglin.

Other recent military contracts with local links include three “Task Assignments” opened Tuesday for “Advisory and Support Services” for the 96th Test Wing, the host unit in Eglin, and for the 96th Cyberspace Test Group, a component of the 96th Test Wing Test wing.

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Assignments, which will cover work through September 30, 2026, went to Oasis Systems LLC of Burlington, Massachusetts for $ 543.3 million to work with the 96th Cyberspace Test Group. $ 475 million to Torch Technologies Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama for work on the 96th test wing and $ 213.6 million to Canvas QuantiTech / Joint Venture LLC, also for work on the 96th test wing.

None of the companies returned phone calls to comment on exactly what their work with the 96th Test Wing and 96th Cyberspace Test Group will mean over the next more than five years.

Oasis Systems LLC identifies itself on its website as a provider of engineering services, including human factors engineering, as well as information technology and cybersecurity services. The Torch Technology website states that the company provides “research, development and engineering services”. The Canvas QuantiTech / Joint Venture website outlines the company’s and other federal agencies’ mission to provide “integrated and innovative technical engineering and software / product development solutions” to customers.

Further contracts are awarded according to the Ministry of Defense

26th of March

Raytheon Missile and Defense, Tucson, Arizona, received a $ 518.4 million contract from the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, for the advanced production of medium-range air-to-air missiles, associated control and telemetry systems, spare parts and hardware, and technical support activities. The work is being carried out in Tucson and is expected to be completed by December 31, 2023.

March 31

Global Employment Links, Pensacola, FloridaBy 2026, the company was awarded a $ 67.9 million contract to run restaurants at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington. The contract was awarded through the US Army’s Field Directorate Office in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The Global Connections to Employment offer was the only offer received for work.

2nd of April

Raytheon Missiles & Defense, Tucson, Arizonareceived a $ 79.4 million contract through the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, to the Work including testing a small diameter bomb. The contract includes addressing several technical challenges, according to the DoD procurement announcement.

April 6

Gauss Management Management & Engineering Inc., South Ogden, Utahwon a $ 86.6 million contract Air Force Test Center on Eglin Air Force Base, Florida for advisory and support services for the 412. Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base, California until September 30, 2026.

Schmidt-Prime Group LLC, Pensacola, Florida and Bullock Tice Associates Inc., Pensacola, Florida It has been announced that it will be among the companies that will compete for separate contracts under a $ 249 million contract for architectural and engineering services through the company U.S. Army Engineer Corps, Mobile, Alabama. Work locations and funding will be determined for each order with an estimated completion date on March 5, 2026 as per the DoD contract award announcement.