Storey Houses champions profitable girls in development


While a lot has changed in the construction industry over the years, women still make up only 15% of real estate and construction workers.

On International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, we spoke to 25-year-old Annabel Le Lohe about her experiences as a young, female senior planner for the house builder Storey Homes. and discussed how the industry is, and To be continued Leverage female talent in the years to come.

Annabel begins by explaining how her training has supported her in her chosen profession. She begins: “I’ve always shown great interest in how villages, towns and cities expand and meet people’s needs. From 2013 to 2016, I studied human geography at Sheffield Hallam University before doing a master’s specifically in planning. With geography you will learn how the population interacts with their surroundings, how a location meets the daily needs of its residents and how we can protect and improve the environment. Applying these concepts to something like planning seemed like a very natural transition to me. My job can best be described in such a way that the need for living space, infrastructure and green spaces is balanced. “

Annabel continues: “After completing my Masters, I planned a consulting firm and then came to Storey Homes in January 2020. I decided to build a house last year to learn more about the different aspects of building as a measure of how companies can deliver a product. “

Annabel comments on how the industry is changing towards women: “I was fortunate that as a woman in this industry I didn’t have to overcome many hurdles. However, in the past I have had to deal with prejudice. Being the only young woman in a room full of men has given way to some stereotypes and it was a surprise to the participants that I was there to provide expert advice rather than someone’s assistant. However, I’ve seen significant changes since entering the industry, and dealing with these assumptions is no longer a common problem. While I appreciate that the real estate and construction industries are still somewhat male dominated, they are definitely working hard to achieve a more gender balance.

She continues, “There are some really strong women-led communities in the field itself, like the Women in Construction group; A non-profit advocating for gender equality in the construction industry and the Women in Planning group of which I have been a member at regional and national levels. The main goal of the Women in Planning group is to mentor and empower women and to deal with various topics – for example, architectural projects led by women and how they differ from “male” designs. We hope this will help map women’s career paths and provide them with inspiring female leaders to look up to. We encourage men to get involved in these groups, and many have taken this important step. We also hope to expand and target schools and colleges to encourage young girls to consider construction, ownership and planning as careers. “

Annabel closes the interview with a discussion on how and why young women should view construction and property as careers: “I think there is a place for women in construction. There are some significant benefits to being a woman in this industry. I think women offer an alternative, or maybe one additionally Perspective on a construction project and the placement that I consider essential when it comes to creating homes that meet today’s needs. In every industry, there is room for men and women to work side by side and try to understand each other’s needs. Everyone can bring something different, but it is equally important, and construction is no exception. “

“My advice to young women who are interested in the industry would be that there are so many different areas that contribute to a project from conception to implementation. Including site management, planning, technical and community engagement – and there’s a real sense of achievement when you look at something and discover that you’ve been an integral part of creating it. “