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The results of a new industry-wide survey by the BC Construction Association (BCCA) highlight the job opportunities in the booming construction sector.

BC’s construction industry continues to be the number one employer in BC’s goods sector. More than 219,500 people rely directly on building for paychecks. That is three percent less than in 2017, but still eight percent of the total workforce. It is estimated that by 2030, more than 11,000 construction jobs will be vacant due to labor shortages

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Over the course of this pandemic year, the main problems faced by contractors have shifted somewhat, although the availability of a skilled workforce remains the greatest challenge regardless of job tenure. Chronic lack of on-time pay rose from third to second, and safety concerns rose to third this year.

“Our industry has been through a lot over the past year, but as we face the challenges, we see our workforce becoming increasingly diverse, which will help our skills shortage,” said Chris Atchison, BCCA President. “The BC 2021 budget raised concerns for our contractors who expected major infrastructure investments to offset exceptional cost increases, and we continue to emphasize the urgency of immediate payments legislation to ease the burden of late payments for competitive work. “

The results of the BCCA survey show that the workforce is becoming increasingly diverse. The general satisfaction of employees, measured by their likelihood of recommending construction careers to friends and family, rose 118 percent over the previous year. Part of this increase is due to financial health. 18 percent of employees report improvements. The median annual wage is $ 63,168, with total earnings in the sector reaching $ 13.9 billion.

Women are seeing increasing growth in this traditionally male sector (women make up 6.2 percent of the workforce), with 65 percent of the female respondents reporting an increase in income and 53 percent indicating that they had changed jobs in the past year in order to receive more wages.

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Despite the pandemic, 35 percent of employers reported an increase in their workforce, which is less of a gain than in previous years, but is still significant. More than half of the employer’s respondents say they will offer more hours this year, and 90 percent will pay overtime wages. The estimated value of major construction projects currently ongoing in BC is $ 120 billion, with an additional $ 221 billion for planned BC projects.

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