The ladies taking up conventional stereotypes in development


The management of a construction company says it is bucking the national trend by employing a disproportionate number of women in one of its new home locations.

Wildgoose Construction currently has eight female employees and one female apprentice who works on the development of the Wildgoose Homes in Marston Montgomery, Derbyshire, which accounts for approximately half of the total workforce there.

They work in valuation, marketing, design and creation, accounts, contracts, carpentry and customer service.

Wildgoose Construction employs a total of 90 people in Alfreton, Derbyshire.

It was founded in 1896 by the current chairman’s great-grandfather and remains one of the oldest and largest family-owned construction companies in the region.

Rebecca Williams, Sales and Marketing Assistant at Wildgoose Homes, is involved from pre-development to handover of ownership at the Marston Montgomery site halfway between Derby and Stoke.

She said, “I am proud to be a woman in construction. I think it’s a profession that younger women need to know they can be involved in.

“There are so many options, not just bricklaying – more information is needed during career days at school and work experience for women in the construction industry.”

Laura Harcourt, Vice President of Wildgoose Construction said, “I am delighted to have so many wonderful women in our business.

“I have 30 years of boardroom experience, and I’m the only woman on the board.”

Charlotte Brogan, Design and Build Manager at Wildgoose Construction, said, “Jonathan Wildgoose is passionate about ensuring equality within the Wildgoose brand and promoting the employment of women in more location-based roles.

“I find this very refreshing because as a woman in construction I’ve found that I have to work harder and be more confident to get known in my field.”

Andrew Tilford, managing director of Wildgoose Construction, said the company is committed to attracting more women and underrepresented groups to construction. This includes a number of family-friendly measures, including improved maternity and paternity benefits.

He said, “Our message is that we invest in our people because they invest their talent with us.

“Our goal is to develop our brand as the employer of choice in the marketplace and provide the peace of mind that we are going above and beyond when it comes to equality and support in the workplace.

“Compared to the construction sector, our enhanced benefits are extremely competitive and reflect the company’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and talented team in support of our business goals.

“A diverse workforce ensures that the company optimizes its representation in an integrative network and that we gain insights into a large number of opinions, points of view and perspectives.

“All employees are trained in equality and diversity. Our culture is one of support, and the entire Wildgoose team is quick to share their knowledge and support to help everyone make progress and achieve their goals. “

Women employed at Wildgoose are encouraged to promote work experience, attend career events, conduct workshops, and give presentations to students.

Mr Tilford said: “The concept is to show young people that a career in construction is worthwhile, has sustainable long-term employment, is safe and suitable for all.”