The contractor serves the boroughs and metropolitan area of ​​New York.

Every space, whether it’s a family room or an office building, deserves a contractor who understands the nature and purpose of the project and has the expertise to perfectly execute construction and home improvement plans. Tomak Group is a full service general contractor in NYC that has this expertise and is more than capable of completing every design detail that leads to impeccable results.

The company’s founders, Thomas and Mike, have a total of 43 years of experience. The team is knowledgeable, responsive, accountable and transparent. Your process is predicted from plans to execution down to the finest detail in the project’s hit list. They anticipate problems, identify obstacles, and develop organized systems that hold them accountable at the highest level.

The Tomak Group works on construction projects for homeowners and industry professionals alike. Homeowners can rest assured that the team’s knowledge and skills in all aspects of home renovation will steer their home improvement projects in the right direction. Industry professionals can trust the team to bridge the gap between drawings and blueprints and to turn their vision into a T. Tomak. Plus, it ensures that your budget stays intact without sacrificing aesthetics.

The specialists of the Tomak Group value communication and transparency at every step. They know that construction and renovation can be a challenge – especially for customers – and therefore enter their projects as a unified front that is always available to customers and is ready to tackle the challenges.

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About the Tomak Group

The Tomak Group is a full-service general contractor in NYC.

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