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The vertical market for horticulture will grow with a healthy CAGR of 6.18% in the forecast period (2020-2027), according to the latest market research report (Market Research Future, MRFR). A vertical garden is a shape of garden that is either part of a building or freestanding. The builder in a vertical garden completely or partially covers the wall with vegetation that is integrated into an irrigation system. The plants used in the vertical garden include herbs, grasses and also vegetables. They can be created both outdoors and indoors and have roots in all environments. The best thing about this form of gardening is that it no longer needs a traditional garden.

Vertical gardens help save energy, improve air quality, save water and, above all, are a visual delight. It’s a new innovation on the old theme of green facades that use soil at the base of the wall and include climbing plants that eventually cover the wall. A vertical garden is also known as a green wall, which is essentially a living wall attached to the inside / outside walls of a building. In addition to plants and irrigation systems, various forms of modular panels are used here. Vertical gardens have gained immense popularity due to the multitude of benefits they offer, such as higher yields, effortless harvesting, and easy maintenance. The implementation of vertical gardens increases the property value by optimizing the space of the garden compared to conventional gardens. This type of construction is ideal for cities as it allows good use of accessible vertical surfaces. They also work as urban gardening and urban farming.

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Fascinating features that support market growth

According to the MRFR report, there are numerous factors driving the growth of the vertical horticultural market. Some of these are with a growing demand and popularity of vertical gardens, a growing need for environmentally friendly buildings, a growing need for sustainable design and building, a growing awareness of sustainable building owners of residential and commercial buildings, an increase in high-rise construction and a growing Linked to the need for aesthetic attractiveness, growing popularity of green screens on buildings, environmental protection initiatives by various non-governmental and governmental institutions, development of construction in emerging countries, limited space, growth of the construction industry in various developing countries and rapid urbanization.

On the contrary, high installation costs and the need for proper maintenance may limit the global growth of the Vertical Horticulture Market during the forecast period.

COVID-19 analysis

The COVID-19 outbreak has already shown the cracks and worked its magic in the system. The vertical garden has generated a hype since its inception. However, during the pandemic, this market suffered adversely and was not exempt. People had to go different ways to source food, farmers could not bring their products to market, and independent businesses were also closed. On the brighter side, however, the pandemic has increased interest in vertical gardens in particular. Here, batches of plants can be watered, lit with LED lights and fed so that plants can grow all year round with little labor, regardless of the local soil or weather conditions. Given the ease of the pandemic’s restrictions, this crisis has taught, among other things, the reshaping and reshaping of food supply chains. And here the vertical garden is the savior.

Market segmentation

The MRFR report highlights a comprehensive analysis of the global Vertical Horticulture Market by application and type.

The Vertical Horticulture Market is segmented into Indoor Vertical Garden Walls and Outdoor Vertical Garden Walls by Type. Of these, the vertical garden wall segment will lead the market during the forecast period for the numerous projects being carried out in the vertical garden wall outdoor and in various applications such as buildings and hotels.

By application, the vertical horticultural market is divided into commercial and residential real estate. Among these, the commercial applications segment will dominate the market for its broad applications and the increasing sustainable construction practices over the forecast period.

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Regional analysis

APAC to the Spearhead Vertical Garden Construction Market

Geographically, the global vertical horticultural market is split into Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), North America, and the rest of the world (RoW). Of these, the Asia-Pacific region will take over the market leadership in the forecast period and with a high CAGR. More and more construction projects, India, China and South Korea, which strengthen their infrastructural basis, improve the aesthetics of the cities and reduce environmental pollution. They are focused on building vertical gardens that filter the air and reduce greenhouse gas by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. The integration of modern construction progress and environmentally friendly construction is contributing to the global growth of the vertical horticultural market in the region. In addition, the growth in building and construction activities, the emphasis on environmentally friendly building practices, consumer awareness-raising, the introduction of energy-saving practices, and government initiatives on green roofs and walls to reduce pollution, reduce the thermal effect and decrease the value of rainwater all contribute to market growth.

Europe with admirable growth in the vertical horticultural market

In Europe, admirable growth is forecast for the global vertical horticultural market during the forecast period. Increased urbanization, rising demand for food, the need for new productive gardening activities, the urge to minimize the import of fresh produce, and adverse weather conditions for conventional agriculture all contribute to the global growth of the vertical horticulture market in the region.

For APAC and RoW, the global vertical horticultural market is forecast to grow steadily over the forecast period.

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Key characters

Key players in the global Vertical Horticulture Market report include Atlantis Corporation Australia Pty Ltd. (Australia), LiveWall LLC (USA), ANS Group Global Ltd. (Great Britain) and Sempergreen (Netherlands).

The global vertical horticultural market is fragmented and also competitive with the presence of many national and international industry players. They have incorporated various strategies to stay on top and also meet the growing demands of customers, including collaborations, partnerships, contracts, geographic expansions, product launches, joint ventures and more. In addition, these players invest heavily in research and development activities to strengthen their portfolios and hold the market.

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