Hyderabad: Selected residents of Dwarka in New Delhi issued an open statement condemning the All Dwarka Residents Federation (ADRF) parish letter to the lieutenant governor of Delhi, in which the federation argued that the construction of the Haj House was unnecessary, since no such privileges would be granted to Hindus.

The 100 citizens who signed the letter expressed their vehement opposition to the ADRF, arguing that the small group of the Federation was out to incite hatred against Muslims by causing a public disturbance.

The federation had previously sent a letter to the lieutenant governor and, together with the Hindu Shakti Sangathan, organized protests at Jantar-Mantar demanding that the Delhi Development Authority’s land allocation for Haj House in Dwarka be revoked.

Slogans like “yeh bhoomi hamari hain, iska faisla hum karenge” (This is our country and we will decide its fate) were repeatedly raised in the procession at Jantar Mantar.

The ADRF previously alleged that Hindu were not granted such facilities, that it was a waste of taxpayers’ money, and that building the Haj House would primarily disrupt peace, harmony and fraternity in society.

In response to all of the above claims and more, the residents of Dwarka noted that the Indian government spends a lot of money on other Hindu festivals and that various state governments also provide subsidies for other religious events. They discussed that this country’s taxpayers are also Muslims, noting that Muslims deserve a Hajj house to ensure community formation when pilgrims are not using it.

Local residents condemned the federation for their statements and said the members of the ADRF were politically motivated. They called the letter “very offensive” and stated that the Federation vilified Muslims and spread hatred.

Local residents also demanded that the local police authorities take note of Suo-Moto and that the signatories file charges of spreading hatred and creating malice among various religious groups. The letter ended with an appeal to the other residents of Dwarka to thwart the nefarious plans of the ADRF, which wants nothing more than to polarize the people.