Work Party Casino Cleveland

Work Party Casino Cleveland

A work party casino in Cleveland gathers your intimate coworkers in a safe and value-packed event. Show your employees you care with a party catered by PCI Entertainment.

Why should I host a work party?

Work parties raise the morale of your employees. They show that you care while gathering your remote and on-premises staff for a day or night of team building.

A proper party is a must-attend event for your staff and a great way to bond. Higher-ups become visibly human while everyone has fun.

What is a casino party?

A casino party brings the captivating power of Las Vegas to your office. While most venues are closed, PCI Entertainment continues to host events in the location of your choice.

A casino party:

  • Brings Las Vegas to your doorstep
  • Offers friendly competition
  • Builds bonds
  • Can be safe
  • Increases office morale

Exceptional quality and a variety of games makes your event a truly memorable experience. We use 12-foot craps tables, enough for four to six people, 30-inch roulette wheels, and full 8-foot Texas Holdem tables with a current safe capacity of 2 to three players.

Las Vegas themed party

PCI Entertainment goes the extra mile to truly bring Sin City to the right space. Our staff and props turn your space into a real casino.

Our gambling is as real as it gets. Showgirls, music, and high-end systems are common. We keep our equipment clean and ready with reasonable notice. Bring the background noise for a truly unique feel.

Friendly competition

Nothing creates a bond like a friendly competition. The thrill of professional poker is at your fingertips.

We produce blackjack, craps, and card games with real tournament directors. A video projector and specialized software make your employees feel like they are in the thick of the action.

Should I host my work party during the pandemic?

Not every party involves people we are not familiar with. We know more about our coworkers than we think. With the appropriate precautions, your work party can still show appreciation and good taste.

Avoid the restaurant this year and move to a larger space. Let us help keep attendees at a minimum safe distance. Our staff knows how to make your office the life of the party, especially offices with large open spaces.

Trained staff

While we want you to have the true casino experience, we also know that your party is a work party. Our fully trained staff keep your event fun and even free for attendees.

Build morale and not animosity. Let your employees get in the game while truly bonding with friendly dealers familiar with their craft and the needs of a work party.

Work party in Cleveland

PCI Entertainment helps turn your office into a real casino, complete with showgirls and a soundtrack. A work party casino in Cleveland can be a fun and safe way to avoid the crowds this year.

Get in touch with us at 216-676-4949 or toll-free at 877-918-4848 for more information.

Work Party Casino Cleveland

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