Productivity is one of the foundational factors behind every successful business. Professionals in the building industry understand the importance of timely, well-made work, but that isn’t always easy to accomplish. However, there are ways to strengthen momentum on a job site and ensure workers perform to the best of their abilities. Team members and leaders can use these unique strategies to maintain construction productivity, impress clients and be successful.

1. Offer More Time Off

Letting employees take more time off might not seem like the first step toward improved construction productivity, but it’s vital to consider. People return to work with more energy and enthusiasm after a break. Whether they go on vacation or rest at home, it could renew the energy missing in some construction teams.

Research shows that providing greater employee autonomy improves productivity by supporting their comprehensive well-being. It would also make the workplace more appealing to job applicants if local competitors don’t offer unlimited PTO. Additional workers would improve a team’s ability to complete high-quality work even more with the help of extra expertise.

2. Provide Staff Appreciation Days

Feeling overlooked and unappreciated is discouraging. People won’t strive to achieve their best work if they don’t enjoy working with their team. Construction leaders could schedule staff appreciation days to celebrate each team member and highlight what makes them an incredible addition to any site.

Making people feel appreciated for their skills, work and personality increases their work quality because they gain renewed confidence. They’ll feel like they belong with their team, making any appreciation effort a positive step toward more productive construction work.

These efforts could be shouting out someone’s contributions during a meeting or while working on a job site. Management teams could reward people with gift cards and celebrate their accomplishments in a virtual team meeting. Each effort should come with recognition for at least one specific action for the employee to feel seen and valued.

3. Utilize More Natural Lighting to Improve Construction Productivity

Scheduling as much work as possible during daylight hours could help construction companies produce more high-quality work on time. Sunlight benefits employee focus compared to office lighting. Daytime projects could be completed faster than if the work occurred at night.

Natural lighting also reduces mold growth and improves air quality in temporary fabric buildings on construction sites. Considering factors like mold when developing a team’s productivity is crucial. Companies that don’t deal with mold-related setbacks can finish on time or potentially earlier than expected.

4. Invest in Construction Management Software

Lacking updated tools can hold employees back from their true potential. They may not collaborate or communicate as well without the latest advances in construction management software. Newer programs have additional features that open pathways for greater collaboration and streamlined productivity.

Allowing all team members access to software programs would supercharge the finer details of each work site. They wouldn’t lose time with miscommunication and could strategize ways to save time thanks to the opportunities presented in features like automatic documentation.

5. Prioritize Frequent Breaks

Everyone deserves breaks in the workplace, especially when they’re doing labor-intensive tasks. Everyone from site managers to traffic flaggers making workers safer should enjoy 10-15 minute breaks throughout the day. Their renewed energy will make them more productive by reducing cognitive strain and allowing their muscles to regain strength.

It’s much easier to enforce breaks throughout various team locations with timed alarms for each person. Setting at least two or three alarms via watches or phones will ensure everyone knows when it’s time to rest. Since most sites won’t have a traditional clock nearby, working through breaks is a risk that can be easily mitigated with audible alarms.

6. Demonstrate How Safety Comes First

Every construction professional receives safety training. It’s essential to prioritize worker well-being, but team members may lose some of their productivity if they forget how their employer keeps them safe.

Routine safety assurances boost construction productivity and only take a few minutes. Site leaders might highlight measures like new ladder braces and explain how the upgrades utilize a tighter fit to prevent slipping. The tiny details reassure team members so they can complete their work with less stress, which is vital to making employees more efficient in the long term.

7. Provide Free Meals

Financial stress is another way employees might lose the motivation that strengthens productivity. Getting food while out at work sites drains individual workers’ budgets, so companies that can afford team meals should strive to provide them often.

Employees will appreciate saving money by eating company-provided meals during their breaks. It could also boost their physical energy. Team leaders can compare local menu options and provide optimal nutrition for labor-intensive work on the site.

Research shows workplace nutrition programs increase employee productivity and improve the company’s success by increasing everyone’s energy, focus and well-being. People feel and work better with protein, fats and carbohydrates fueling them instead of sugary snacks or missed meals.

8. Send Team Member Surveys Regularly

People don’t enjoy working for companies with distant executive teams. Everyone wants to feel valued and heard, which is easier to accomplish with team member surveys.

Construction productivity may increase if employees provide regular feedback about each other. They should especially voice concerns or praise about their managers and supervisors. Those leading the company will learn what’s behind disgruntlement or distrust restricting productivity.

The results might mean management teams need replacements, but the hiring process would be worth the financial investment. New leaders could mesh better with their workers and provide the necessary factors to regain productivity. 

Improve Construction Productivity This Year

Achieving improved construction productivity may seem limited to communication and training, but there are numerous options at a leadership team’s disposal. Celebrating workers, providing extra PTO and fueling everyone with nutritious lunches are just a few ways companies can see a positive difference in their overall productivity. Experimenting with various strategies will reveal what works best for everyone, which is vital to maintaining long-term productivity.