In today’s US construction news, read about how the 7th Engineer Brigade, working with the North Macedonian armed forces, entertained the U.S. Army Chief of Engineers, Lt. Gen. Scott Spellmon, on June 4, 2024, during construction activities for the Resolute Castle 2024 exercise. Meanwhile, on Monday morning, the U.S. Navy, Newport News Shipbuilding, and local, state, and federal officials revealed plans to build a new parking garage. Lastly, there are now just two lanes available for northbound traffic, which frequently results in a bottleneck that stretches for kilometers and even starts even before cars reach the Spaghetti Bowl.

The Army Chief Engineer Inspects Joint Construction at Resolute Castle 2024

Original Source: U.S. Army Chief Engineer inspects joint construction operations during Resolute Castle 2024.

U.S. Army Chief Engineer oversees Resolute Castle 2024 joint construction.

North Macedonia: Krivolak Training Area The 7th Engineer Brigade and North Macedonian soldiers hosted Lt. Gen. Scott Spellmon on June 4, 2024, during Resolute Castle 2024 construction.

This collaborative exercise creates and improves real-world infrastructure to teach the North Macedonian military. The 500th Engineer Support Company and 902nd Engineer Construction Company of the 7th Engineer Brigade will collaborate with the 1st North Macedonian Engineer Battalion and U.S. Navy Seabees.

“This is an excellent opportunity for our engineer battalions out in the field to work on collective training that we don’t always get at home station,” Spellmon said. we don’t battle or construct things alone; we rely on our international colleagues and Navy Seabees. Our staff does this.”

The Krivolak Training Area is being prepared to receive heavy armor for combined training with the North Macedonian military through current development projects. These include a targetry storage warehouse, heavy vehicle wash rack, UAS airstrip, motor pool, and range road improvements.

According to Brig. Gen. John Lloyd, division commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, North Atlantic Division, this exercise will improve interoperability and readiness across our partner nations, which benefits everyone.

“Readiness matters. Lloyd commented, “It’s great to see the battalion Soldiers getting real-world training. What inspired me is that you have a lot of new Soldiers coming straight out of AIT that have never participated in a training exercise so large, and you can tell they are getting a lot of quality training It’s a great practice to boost regiment preparedness.”

U.S. and North Macedonian troops will benefit from RC24’s infrastructural improvements. Even before the cement dries, leaders from both nations are planning to expand this collaboration.

According to Brig. Gen. Besnik Emini, chief of Operations Command Army of the Republic of North Macedonia, Resolute Castle allows us to accept all participating force packages and integrate our military forces for DE25. It’s great that the U.S. Army is helping us create facilities where our Soldiers can shoot, train, evaluate, and deploy. This is crucial because it highlights our strength together!

Resolute Castle 24 is a USAREUR-AF-led exercise that uses U.S. Army, Navy, and NATO engineers to train and expand infrastructure for defender-series exercises in NATO’s eastern member states.

The US Navy Announces That Newport News Shipbuilding Would Be Developing a New Parking Garage

Original Source: US Navy announces construction of new parking garage at Newport News Shipbuilding

On Monday morning, Newport News Shipbuilding, the Navy, and state and city authorities announced a new parking garage.

The Victory Arch announcement addresses shipbuilding sailors’ worries. 

“Last year, the Navy completed a comprehensive quality of service investigation into shipyard issues and programs that affect sailors,” said Rear Adm. Casey Moton, Commander of Program Executive Office Aircraft Carriers. The inquiry found that Huntington Ingalls Newport News shipyard infrastructure was insufficient to accommodate several aircraft carriers and submarines and construction or overhaul. Our team wanted to improve, and limited and local parking was a major issue. Our sailors say it’s one of the best ways to improve service. 

The new garage will offer almost 2,000 parking spots on 37th and 38th street between Huntington Avenue and Warwick Boulevard.

Moton said the Navy awarded HII a $120 million contract modification centered on quality of service to support garage planning, design, and construction.  

By April 2026, the parking facility will likely be finished after breaking ground this year.

“Parking may seem trivial, but for our shipbuilders and sailors who often get up early and come to work ahead of their scheduled work time just to begin finding a parking spot, today’s announcement is incredible news,” said HII-Newport News Shipbuilding President Jennifer Boykin. 

In April 2022, three sailors committed themselves in one week. These sailors were posted to Carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73) during a lengthy Newport News shipyard overhaul.

Since then, 10 On Your Side has learnt about ship conditions, including a dearth of mental health facilities, which leadership regularly ignored. Moton was probed about mental health changes by WAVY.

We made immediate steps to improve medical care for our shipyard sailors. Moton remarked that we now serve them near Huntington Hall, where most of our unaccompanied sailors are.

Housing is another local issue.

State Senator Mamie Locke and Mayor Philip Jones say a $40 million historic district investment would develop an 85-unit apartment complex nearby.

“We are proud to announce the Commonwealth’s $40 million interest-free Treasury loan to incentivize future Navy and city investment in our downtown,” said Virginia State Senator Mamie Locke (D-Hampton, Newport News “Our sailors and shipbuilders are our nation’s and community’s backbone. Their community should appreciate their effort and hard work.”

“This is the start. Future collaboration is expected, said Newport News Mayor Phillip Jones. “I always said Newport News will be centered downtown. We agree that the Navy’s center of gravity will be the E1-E5 in dry dock on a ship. If those match gravity centers. That will benefit all project participants.”

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) is in dry dock at Newport News Shipbuilding. Navy officials said they’re adding “wellness services” and other improvements to improve things immediately.

Insufficient nearby parking was a major issue. Additionally, we addressed lesser matters such as renovating Navy housing near the shipyard to enhance housing quality. Moton claimed we improved and increased sailors’ medical treatment. “We will work with Congress to field and maintain the world’s strongest Navy and its infrastructure. We will work with industry and academics to solve our biggest problems. Integrated deterrence will be strengthened via interagency cooperation. We will match ashore operations with fleet warfighting. The announcement today reflects those feelings.”

Construction on U.S. 395 North Valleys Slows Trail Fire Response

Original Source: Did U.S. 395 North Valleys construction traffic slow the response to the Trail Fire?

Did the Trail Fire emergency response last week suffer from U.S. 395 North Valleys construction project traffic, which generates rush-hour gridlock?

The 193-acre fire, now controlled, threatened houses and forced evacuations for north Peavine Mountain areas.

It was reported at 3:45 p.m. as traffic from the massive highway construction project backed up. Northbound traffic has been limited to two lanes, generating miles-long backups before the Spaghetti Bowl.

One News 4-Fox 11 staffer saw two BLM fire trucks stalled in traffic. The small lanes make it hard for emergency responders to move over.

Truckee Meadows Fire & Rescue spokesperson Adam Mayberry said North Valley engine companies Stead and Cold Springs made a good initial strike. However, the fire quickly required more resources.

Worse, a Nevada State Police representative told News 4-Fox 11 of a DUI crash on U.S. 395 northbound near Parr Boulevard at 4:45 p.m.

Fire vehicles were caught between the everyday construction traffic and the DUI crash that took an hour to clear.

However, Mayberry told News 4-Fox 11 that the delay didn’t affect the reaction.

Was there a delay? Roadwork may have caused a delay. “But probably not significant enough to hinder or impact the incident,” he said.

NDOT officials stated first responders receive priority in road work zones and the agency regularly updates agencies on construction affects. Emergency turnouts are every 2,500 feet in the work zone.

We have a narrow start. We have limited space. We must do specific things to build this project “NDOT district 2 assistant district engineer Andrew Lawrence remarked.

Due to traffic, Reno Fire officials told News 4-Fox 11 they request mutual aid faster on North Valley fires.

“My battalion chiefs are told to solicit mutual aid more often and regularly. We usually don’t request mutual aid because we can get our resources to the scene, but due to the traffic delay, we’ve been telling everyone to ask for help sooner “John McNamara, Reno Fire Department operations chief.

McNamara also advised crews to take North Virginia St. to the North Valleys, especially during rush hour, when cars may comfortably stop.

Summary of today’s construction news

In simple terms, with the help of U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and NATO engineers, Resolute Castle 24 is a USAREUR-AF directed exercise that aims to strengthen capabilities and increase partner capacity across NATO’s eastern member states by expanding infrastructure in support of defender-series exercises and providing practical engineering training.

Meanwhile, more than 2,000 extra parking spaces will be made available by the new garage on 37th and 38th street, between Huntington Avenue and Warwick Boulevard. It is anticipated that work on the parking structure would begin by year’s end and be finished by April 2026.

Lastly, according to McNamara, crews are advised to divert North Virginia St. to the North Valleys, where there is ample space for vehicles to pull over, particularly during rush hour.