In today’s construction news, the offsite construction market in the United States was valued at USD $33.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD $46.6 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.23% during the forecast period. Meanwhile, six corrupt Manhattan construction companies and eight executives were accused on Tuesday in connection with a lucrative scheme in which city and state contracts were diverted from worthy minority and women-owned businesses. On the other hand, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is in charge of maintenance on that stretch of road. The city did, however, offer work updates for Damon Road and King Street on its website for the week of May 8. Lastly, modular construction was worth around $82.3 billion in 2022. The market is estimated to increase at a 6.2% CAGR to USD 139.03 billion by 2029.

The U.S. Offsite Construction Market is Expected to Reach USD 90,325.5 Million by 2031 at an 8.5% CAGR

Original Source: U.S. offsite construction market to Grow At A CAGR Of 8.5% And Reach USD 90,325.5 Million By 2031

Offsite construction involves prefabricating building parts offsite and assembling them on site. It’s becoming popular in the building business since it cuts project time and expense. Offsite construction improves safety, quality, and sustainability. Current trends, market size and growth, and key players are covered in this study on the U.S. offsite construction market.

Market Size and Development

The U.S. offsite construction industry was worth USD $33.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD $46.6 billion by 2026, growing at 5.23%. Demand for efficient and cost-effective construction solutions is driving market expansion. The rapid rise of the housing industry, the increasing usage of prefabricated components in commercial and industrial projects, and the growing adoption of green construction practises are likely to fuel market growth.

Recent Developments

The U.S. offsite building business is growing due to demand for prefabricated parts. The industry is also predicted to benefit from the growing adoption of sustainable construction practises and awareness of offsite construction’s benefits. BIM and 3D printing are also likely to boost the market.

Major Players

A&S Homes, Blu Homes, Katerra, Red Sea Housing, and Skyline Buildings are the leading offsite construction companies in the US. To stay ahead in the market, these companies create new products and services.


The U.S. offsite construction market is predicted to increase significantly over the projection period. Market growth is driven by rising demand for prefabricated components, sustainable construction, and technical improvements. To acquire a competitive edge, market leaders are developing innovative products and services.

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The Da Alleges That Six NYC Construction Corporations Defrauded Minority Businesses Out of Contracts

Original Source: Six NYC construction companies cheated minority businesses out of contracts, DA says

Six corrupt Manhattan construction companies and eight executives were accused Tuesday in a lucrative plan to syphon city and state contracts from worthy minority and women-owned businesses.

“The common factor in all of these schemes is simple — greed at all costs,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said at a news conference announcing the sweeping fraud and corruption allegations.

He continued, “When the field is rigged, law-abiding companies and legitimate minority and women-owned businesses are cheated out of much-needed contracts.”

The DA charged defendant JM3 Construction with “pervasive and multi-faceted” fraud for filing false claims that it used minority and women-owned firms for work actually done by other companies.

“These defendants, as charged, enriched themselves at the expense of a programme intended to assist minority and women-owned businesses,” municipal Department of Investigation Commissioner Jocelyn Strauber said.

The DA’s inquiry began with questionable cheque cashing and expanded to include bribery and corporate fraud activities.

The National Urban League’s Harlem office was one of JM3 Construction’s projects, along with others in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and New Rochelle.

In the illegal operation, JM3 head Lawrence Wecker, 82, and four coworkers were charged. Officials said two JM3 employees ran MGS Construction Corp. and JACG Construction LLC, two subcontracting companies.

In November 2021, authorities found a loaded.38-caliber handgun in Wecker’s residence, resulting in new weapons charges.

“This kind of activity sets us back,” said Adolfo Carrion Jr., commissioner of the municipal Department of Housing Preservation and Development. “Despite our best efforts, bad apples will always try to steal opportunities from historically marginalised people.”

As an aside, Bragg noted the accusations occurred on day two of National Construction Safety Week.

According to investigators, the JM3 organisation fabricated corporate papers and gave phoney instruments for filing with New York State and the city to make it appear that companies run by women or minorities were involved in construction projects.

MGS robbed the New York State Insurance Fund of more than $1.7 million, and co-defendant JACG Construction LLC stole more than $360,000 in premiums, according to the indictment.

From 2015 to 2021, authorities accused the company of a variety of crimes. Two Harlem business owners are accused of vouching for the defendants to get a $1.5 million plasterboard contract.

Lashawn Henry, 60, and Brittany Henry, 27, of Urban Strategies of New York reportedly received financial payments for their assistance in landing the deal.

Northampton Damon Road Building Progress

Original Source: Getting Answers: progress of construction along Damon Road in Northampton

Western Mass News is investigating a Northampton construction project affecting Damon Road and King Street after viewers complained.

It’s been around a while. I work on that road. “It looks time-consuming, but people are kind enough to let people in and out of certain areas,” said Carlos Rodriguez of Northampton.

One Northampton resident told Western Mass News about Damon Road and King Street work. One roadworks viewer email said:

“When will Damon Road construction in Northampton finish? They started it two years ago and shut down in November for winter, but never returned to finish.”

Another said:

“Nothing has changed in months. The King St. intersection remains a disaster.”

Western Mass News is obtaining road project updates. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation repairs that road, according to Northampton Public Works. The city’s website had Damon Road and King Street work updates for May 8. MassDOT hired Gagliarducci Construction to rebuild Damon Road from the bike path to the king street intersection. The project will provide sidewalks, a shared-use walkway, and intersection and traffic signal improvements.

This week, they stressed that the contractor will install new manholes and a pipe at the King Street intersection. MassDOT responded: “The project is currently over 50% completed. Full-depth reconstruction is 1/3 complete.”

The contractor will likely work on subsurface facilities like sewer and water at the King Street and Bridge Road intersection until August. Verizon and CSX will work west of I-91 flyover on Damon Road.”

The project bid was $9.5 million.

MassDOT expects completion in July 2024.

By 2029, the Modular Construction Market Will Exceed US$139.03 Billion

Original Source: Modular Construction Market Size to Surpass US $ 139.03 Billion by 2029 | Major Leading Players & Industry News Analysis

Modular construction was worth around 82.3 billion in 2022. The market is estimated to increase at a 6.2% CAGR to USD 139.03 Billion by 2029.

The Modular Construction Market research includes historical data, share, size, and forecast by major players, regions, applications, and product categories from 2023 to 2029. The Modular Construction Market study provides in-depth insights on competitive scenario, description, comprehensive product portfolio of key players, SWOT analysis, business strategy implemented by rivals, revenue, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, and sales estimates. The report’s main goal is to illustrate how the latest scenario, economic slowdown, and war situations affect the sector and cover all feasible segments to benefit market stakeholders.

Modular construction market SWOT analysis:


Faster construction and less on-site work than traditional approaches.

Factory-controlled manufacturing improves building material quality and consistency.

Client customization and design flexibility.

Off-site manufacturing and material optimization reduce waste and promote sustainability.


Modular manufacturing requires expensive equipment and infrastructure.

Modular construction workforce shortages may raise costs.

Pre-fabricated modules make building alterations difficult.

Low-quality construction in several markets.


Affordable, sustainable housing is in demand.

Increased modular building in healthcare, education, and hospitality.

Expanding into new regions with high construction demand.

Innovative modular building materials and methods to save money.


Modular construction may be hindered by regulatory and permission issues.

Traditional construction methods and contractors with customer bases compete.

Modular construction as a building alternative is not well known.

Economic downturns that may decrease construction project demand.

Expect Our Report?

(1) The Modular Construction Market research includes a full section on market dynamics, including influence factors, drivers, challenges, opportunities, and trends.

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In summary, the U.S. offsite construction market is projected to increase rapidly. Demand for prefabricated components, sustainable building, and technological advancements are the main drivers of market growth. Market leaders are developing innovative products and services to stay ahead.

Meanwhile, from 2015 through 2021, the enterprise was accused of numerous criminal schemes. Two Harlem business owners allegedly vouched for the defendants to win a $1.5 million drywall contract.

On the other hand, the contractor will install new manholes and a pipe at the King Street intersection, as they stressed this week. “The project is currently over 50% completed,” MassDOT told us. “At this point, full-depth reconstruction is around 1/3 complete.”

Lastly, growth engines, roadblocks, opportunities, and threats are the modular construction market variables investigated for assessing market worth.